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Title: New to Climbing
Post by: Cimed on Aug 25 2004, 20:04
Hello Everyone:

I guess I would be considered "new" to climbing and therefore feel a little lost.  I've set some personal goals for myself and climbing is what I'm trying to make into a way of life.  But, I need some advice in how to train, courses to take and mountains to begin with... I'd like to live for atleast a few more years!  I've thought about making Kili my first test... any thoughts?  Thanks in Advance!
Title: Re: New to Climbing
Post by: Ron on Aug 26 2004, 00:52
If climbing is your goal then why Kili???.....sure Kili is nice..the envirement great and wildlife awsume...but its not "climbing"

Dunno were you live but why not do something more technical. take it more vertical so to speak.
Title: Re: New to Climbing
Post by: Cimed on Aug 26 2004, 10:45
So, you would recommend doing a more technical climb first... like what?  Also, I live in Wisconsin, USA.  Shouldn't I practice high altitude climbing before going "technical"?
Title: Re: New to Climbing
Post by: Tasty on Aug 26 2004, 20:42
If by climbing you mean mountaineering a good starting place would be taking a course with say RMI or Alpine Ascents and then trying something along the lines of Rainier or Hood...Better yet If you are serious about learning how to climb...the best place to start is NOLS.  Their mountaineering courses teach you far more then what you would learn in a week with anyone else...


Title: Re: New to Climbing
Post by: Ron on Aug 27 2004, 02:02
Agree with tasy..and remember...the trip is more important then the arrival...so why go for a well known summit like rainier at once.

The summit is just a place..sure its a nice reward for your efforts....but climbing itself is the part thet must be fun...Climb nice alpine routes and mulitiple rope lengths, go on high altitude hikes..and later on combine them.
Title: Re: New to Climbing
Post by: 7summits on Oct 6 2004, 15:29
Welcome Cimed,

If you want to go for the 7 summits then you need technical as well as high altitude experience. Technical experience should be gotten using the mentioned courses, but Kilimanjaro is an excellent way to test your high altitude 'skills'.
Especially because it is not technical climbing, you can focus on what altitude does with you (and if you like it  ;D).

Keep climbing but do it safely!