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Title: Climbers communication
Post by: Harry on Apr 18 2002, 16:56
Climbers communication: following are the terms most employed:  

(climber) "on belay"
(belayer) "belay on"
(climber) "climbing"
(belayer) "climb on"
(climber) "slack"
(belayer) "slack"  
(climber) "don't give me no slack!"
(belayer) "what?"
(climber) "tension"
(either) "MrHanky"

"do i tie in with an overhand knot or a clove hitch"
"i'm not ready yet"
"i'm having second thoughts about this"
"i'm still not ready"
"what do you think i am, an eunuch?"
"did he say tension?"
"did he say more slack?"
"i'm climbing up the goddamn rope"