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Title: Friday 3 september, ABC, 6400m
Post by: Ron on Sep 4 2004, 19:26
Another relax day. Most people have slept allright, but Ruby and Sander did not feel well on their first night on their new altitude record.

While the 3 Sherpas go up to check out the possibilities for a route towards North col.

Meanwhile we sit in the sun and sing along with the 3000+ songs on the Ipod.
In the afternoon we hear some familiar yells accompanied by bells: yaks!

While the snow starts to fall again, the loads are dropped and the beautiful animals continue their way down.. We try to organize everything, but dragging 25kg drums only a few meters up is quite hard at 6400m...

But we manage and everybody can finally get their gear and personal sorted out and organize their tents.

The cook Furba is still not feeling well and we send him down, he will go down first thing tomorrow; the assistant will cook until the BC cook Lakhpa Dendi comes up in a few days to replace Furba.

The Sherpas return, they have already fixed half of the route towards 7066m high North Col with ropes and are confident they can finish the job tomorrow if the weather is good.

Most people are feeling reasonably good, only Marc is still recovering from a throat and lung infection and does not seem to find any food tasteful which is not doing any good for his motivation..

(song of the day: Prince, Joy in repetition, live ONA aftershow: gave me goosebumps in a -40 sleeping bag!)