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Title: Warning
Post by: Ron on Sep 19 2004, 07:29
Whatever you migth think of a person or disagree in what he says and does... the 7summits forum is no flame forum....if you disagree or even think a person is full of it. Then thats no reason to flame him and put him down.....just be the smart guy and dont reply at all and let it be.

I will not tolerate flaming or attacks directed to individuals on this forum
Post will be banned and IP's noted and eventualy blocked.

Thank you for cooperating and keeping this a nice & clean forum.
Title: Re: Warning
Post by: Buddha on Sep 19 2004, 17:41

There is a difference with flaming and questioning someone as well you know...
So, if someone claims he summited a mountain the very least he could do is provide some "evidence" for doing so, such as photos. One does get a bit suspicious when the roll of film have been at the developers for a few months.

I promise I will try and control (behave) myself.  :D