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Title: Bad knee
Post by: Daisy on Sep 21 2004, 19:24
I'm planning to climb Aconcagua in December but recently I've been experiencing a lot of problems with my right knee. I'm getting a darting pain up the right side of my knee but only when I go down hill. It doesn't hurt when I'm going up hill. I know this isn't a medical forum but I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar problem and if so, how have you coped with it. I'm terrified that it may mean an end to my climbing!
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: scott on Sep 21 2004, 23:04
I had the same problem - muscle or ligament pain on the outside of the knee, but only downclimbing.  A regular elastic style knee brace did not work, but I seem to have found the solution: A tight but narrow wrap positioned just below the knee.  I use a Tensor Knee Brace and fold it over three or four times until it is about one inch in thick.  I position it just below the knee cap, thereby focusing the pressure of the brace on the trouble spot.  Alternatively, fold over a bandana several times until it is about an inch thick and then tie it around the knee, just below the knee cap.  It worked wonders for me!     
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: tanner on Sep 21 2004, 23:07
thats a hard problem to deal with. mountaineering isnt the greatest sports for knees. It all depends if you tore something, or your tendons, ligaments,and muscles are too tight. I have had problems with both. Physical therapy taught me a lot of important stretches on your legs, to prevent injury. However, it is still very difficult when you are carrying a lot of weight. I tore my medial miniscus this year on Denali, and since have invested in a decent knee brace. With the aid of the streatching, and the brace, you should be able to climb as long as your knee problems arent too serious.
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: Ron on Sep 22 2004, 00:33
souds to me like a kneecap problem..or better the pathella and the tisseu connecting it to the lower leg. This can mean the pathella is not in the rigth track while moving you knee and it gets a lot of pressure when going downhill.
That why i always recommend doing fitness at the gym and do kneecap traction specifiek exercises....
Antway. You need to go to a fysiotherapist m8...i'm just guessing on my own experiance :-\
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: Daisy on Sep 22 2004, 17:11
Thank you all for the advice. It's good to know that I'm not alone with this although I sympathize for anyone who has had to experience it. I've been having physio for about 6 weeks and acupuncture. Maybe I just need to keep up the stretching and strengthening exercises and be patient. I'll bring something with me to Argentina to strap it up just in case. I don't know what I'd do if I had to stop climbing :-(
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: 7summits on Oct 6 2004, 15:21
Besides all the good advice above I would like to add that using walking sticks makes a lot of difference. Use a pair and do not use it to make even bigger jumps (many do  :P )

If you can only save the weight of your arms landing on your knees, just calculate how many tonnes that saves on a good day of hiking!

Also take care when ascending, many times it's things like too big steps up that only wreak havoc when ging down. Go up in small steps and also use your sticks to take loads of your knees. Do not care if they compare you to grannies using sticks  :lol)

Climb safely,
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: Buddha on Oct 6 2004, 19:34
Walking/trekking poles are great! First time someone told me to get a pair I looked at them in a kind of disgust ;) Seriously... I'm 29 going on 30 and for me walking/trekking poles was then synonumous with oldies. I can now vouch that they make a world of difference!

I was a poster from Leki (they make poles) which showed how much weight you take off your knees when walking uphill. Without any backpack, the poles basically "shave" off 8 kilos per step transferring the load to the poles. That's calculated for a person weighing 80 kilos...
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: tanner on Oct 7 2004, 07:09
couldnt imagine a climb without them  ;D
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: Ron on Oct 7 2004, 12:20
I use them 14 years allready
Title: Re: Bad knee
Post by: peak_sneak on Jan 22 2005, 04:09
i remember having that problem when i was on my way down from mount colden in the adirondacks, new york, it hurt so bad i was crying and limped my way for about 6 hours back to the car....on of the biggest pains of my life yet. i didnt think that was going to happen to me, at least i had a good friend who rubbed it for me and wrapped it up with a reguglar bandage and i took some advil, didnt do much but thats all i had. i limped for a week after that. poles i think are definately worth it, no matter what age. i also take glucosamine when i know i will be using my legs a lot in an activity, it helps.