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Title: Blondes on Everest joke!
Post by: MoT on Apr 23 2002, 01:55
There were 12 people climbing up the Lhotse Face. 11 were blondes, 1 a brunette. Half way up, the fixed ropes started tearing. They decided one person needed to jump off and sacrifice themself in order for them all to survive. The brunette gave a long, heart-warming speech of how she was going to sacrifice herself for the others. Everyone started crying. Once she was through, all the blondes clapped loudly.


Absolutely awful, but I HAD to share!  ;D
Title: Re:Blondes on Everest joke!
Post by: 7summits on Apr 23 2002, 13:41
Hehehehe (I think I am entitled to chuckle as I am blonde myself)

"He who cannot laugh about himself misses out on an everpresent joy"