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Title: Climber's brain (part 2)
Post by: 7summits on Apr 23 2002, 20:27
A violent winter storm stranded a team of climbers in a mountain cave.

Unable to signal for assistance and faced with the prospect of starving to death, the team's leader bravely announced:

"My fellow mountaineers, I will now sacrifice myself so that you may survive."
As the leader pressed a revolver to his temple, one of the climbers frantically cried out,
"Ben, don't do it!"

"I appreciate your concern," Ben emoted, "but eating my dead body will allow you and the others to live until escape from here is possible."

"I know," the climber said. " It's just that brains are my favorite dish."

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From this page (http://www.personal.dundee.ac.uk/~rjcurran/webby/jokes.htm)