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Title: elbrus and chechnya
Post by: acetk on Oct 6 2004, 06:02
I was just wondering about one thing. ???  With all the terroism that has happened in Russia (ie. Beslan school, bombed planes).  Is it safe to travel to Elbrus for a climb?  or should i wait before attempting to go?
From what i can remember from looking at a map, the region Elbrus is in, is sort of near Chechnya.

Title: Re: elbrus and chechnya
Post by: trunl on Oct 6 2004, 06:23
its actually extremely close! i wouldnt try anything for at least a couple of months. even though you probably wouldnt die.

i should say though: DO NOT TRUST MY OPINION! (according to Buddha)

Title: Re: elbrus and chechnya
Post by: Buddha on Oct 6 2004, 06:38
Hahaha... that's funny trunl...

Are you afraid of living in the US? There is probably a larger threat to US citizens travelling outside the US then other nationalities.

Concerning Elbrus there has always been guerilla and stuff nearby but I think you can be relatively safe. Moscow is probably the most unsecure place you will be in, at least as a foreigner in Russia.
On the other hand, if you dare to walk the streets of New York you are probably ok for a climb up Elbrus. Anyway, you are too late for a climb this season (imho) and stuff may change until next spring/summer...
Title: Re: elbrus and chechnya
Post by: 7summits on Oct 6 2004, 15:04
I agree with Buddha, there is actually an FAQ about this in the Elbrus trips section (http://7summits.com/faq/index.php?display=faq&nr=59&catnr=5&prog=p1&lang=en), although this has been there for a while I see no direct reason to change the stated point of view. If something bad happens in the climbing area our gudes will let us know, but the last years nothing has happened in that regard.

But of course climbing in general is dangerous and mostly the trip to the slope is even more dangerous, anywhere on earth... so do not sue me after you get killed in the Elbrus valley! (or in NY or wherever)

(Also read the disclaimer of this site.. (http://7summits.com/info/disclaimer.html)  ;) )
Title: Re: elbrus and chechnya
Post by: MikeW on Oct 6 2004, 20:12
Hi guys!

I just came back from Elbrus this past June, and tough it was before the incident at the Beslan school, I think the risk is still minimal. To reach Elbrus, you have to drive 100 km in a valley with only one access road to reach it. There is a security post patrolled by local army duds with big guns :o. So once you've arrived in Elbrus, you're pretty safe. The danger resides in the transport to get there (the old Tupolev plane from Moscow and the bus ride to get to the mountain). At the end of the trip, close to the airport in Mineral Vody, the road was blocked by the police and the army because a Chechnya terrorist killed 3 people including a minister of the local government a couple of hundred of kilometers of Min Vody (close to Chechnya, but in the next republic). The airport was closely watched but in the end everything went ok.

The Caucasus mountain range is really beautiful and it's worth the extra danger to get there to climb thoses mountains.