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Title: First person to summit Everest
Post by: trunl on Oct 6 2004, 06:10
for long there has been much speculation on whether george mallory and/or sandy irvine made the top of everest. well now you can add one more theory to the pot. www.everestnews.com has went to everest this previous climbing season to investigate. and they have presented the readers with much evidence before FINALLY writing their theory. the full theory can be found at http://www.everestnews2004.com/malloryandirvine2004/stories2004/ourtheory.htm

happy reading

Post by: 7summits on Oct 6 2004, 14:59
Cool theory; impossible to say it's true or not ofcourse by now.
Having just seen the summitridge while being covered with snow, I must add that it's hard to say, but maybe the ridge and 2nd step (on that ridge) might be a lot easier in June '24 conditions than nowadays in Spring.
Might be possible that then there was a lot more snow available which would make it easier (remember Doug Scott's picture of Haston climbing the Hillary Step with snow?).