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Title: You might be a mountain climber if...
Post by: 7summits on Apr 29 2002, 03:28
1. You own a $75.00 dress suit and a $1000 Gore-Tex suit.

2. You have ever used an ice ax to chop weeds in your garden.
3. You have more summit pictures than wedding pictures.
4 You like the smell of burning Yak dung.
5. What you call cold is not on the Thermometer scale.
6. You don't walk down stairs, you rappel.
7. You see a girl in the street and you think Hmmm, she's a TD+/5.11.
8. You've ever fallen so far that you've run out of adrenaline before you ran out of rope.
9. You've ever had icicles hanging from any part of your body.

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