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Title: Expedition Communications
Post by: Daisy on Oct 29 2004, 16:37

I just wanted to get your input on the best forms of communications while on an expedition. When I go to Aconcagua I want to be able to send pictures and dispatches back to friends and colleagues on a regular basis as well as updating our website.

I have an ipaq, a mobile phone (with camera) and a digital camera. Now the question is how to get this all to work together. No point in having it if I don't know how to use it or if it's not the right equipment. Do any of you have any experiences you would like to share? what have you used to communicate your progress while on the mountain?

Title: Re: Expedition Communications
Post by: 7summits on Oct 29 2004, 16:45
Hi Daisy,

On Everest we sent updates using a PC laptop with Iridium and I called from higher up using Thuraya stallite phone (as well as text messages / SMS).
I had an Fujitsu siemens PDA but could not get it working even with some specially handmade cables that should have worked  ???

You will need a satellite phone at least (Iridium as Thuraya does not work in Americas) and some specialized cables. A keyboard for the Ipaq comes in handy
Also make sure you have an Ipaq that 'eats' the same type of memory card your digital camera does!

Check out this website:
http://www.humanedgetech.com/page/everestpackage.htm It's part of explorersweb, they offer a lot of good information and sell packages, software, hardware etc.

Share anything you find out from them here!  8)
Title: Re: Expedition Communications
Post by: Daisy on Oct 29 2004, 16:49
Thanks for that. I'll check out that link. We had Thuraya on Everest this year too and a couple of laptops. We had an r-began satellite dish that only worked some of the time and was very temperamental!
Title: Re: Expedition Communications
Post by: Buddha on Oct 29 2004, 17:07
Hey, you know the couple who owns Human Edge Tech are from Sweden but now living in the US. Mikael and Tina Sjögren if I'm not mistaken. Their software, Contact 3.0 is supposed to be really good...
Title: Re: Expedition Communications
Post by: Ron on Oct 30 2004, 00:32
Iridium sucks
Thuraya rocks

Elektronics go to rat MrHanky high up
Title: Re: Expedition Communications
Post by: MoT on Oct 30 2004, 04:45
anyone know has anyone used Globalstar network on Aconcagua?
Title: Re: Expedition Communications
Post by: Buddha on Nov 22 2004, 00:33
I just wanted to give everyone a suggestion on communications software, or actually a full website which gives the possibility to add stuff directly to the website from your PDA using a  satellite phone.

Basically like the Contact 3.0 software from Human Edge Technology with the difference that this software is free. Contact 3.0 costs $900 to purchase then you have to pay a monthly fee.

The software is in development right now so if any of you want to contribute with ideas on what should be included, you should do so. You might also be selected to do BETA-testing which will start soon.

Check out the website: http://dev.noccy.com The software is called Portable Noccy so that you know what forum to look in!

Yeah, I know the guy that is writing it... I'm trying to get him to tweak it towards expedition use as much as possible but of course it would be great if more people helped me out in doing that!