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Title: Khoo Swee Chiow reaches North Pole and "grandslam"
Post by: 7summits on May 7 2002, 00:07
Singaporean says he completes adventure quest by reaching 'top of the world'

Mon May 6, 6:55 AM ET
By REGAN MORRIS, Associated Press Writer

SINGAPORE - A Singapore adventurer said Monday that he reached the North Pole completing his quest to climb the highest mountains on every continent and trek to the North and South poles.

"Hello Singapore! Greetings from the top of the world, I have arrived," adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow told applauding reporters and well-wishers via satellite phone after reaching the pole.
Khoo said he skied 771 kilometers (480 miles) in 45 days through subzero Arctic cold to get there.

Khoo became a hero in Singapore in 1998 when he became the first representative of the tropical Southeast Asian city-state to climb Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain.

In March 2001, Khoo abandoned an attempt to reach the North Pole nine days into the trip due to blurred vision, "frost-nipped" fingers and severe blisters on his feet.
He set off again this year to complete what he called an "adventure grand slam" he had previously scaled the highest peaks on all seven continents and trekked to the South Pole.

According to expedition organizer Hitachi Asia, Khoo would be only the fourth man in the world to achieve the grand slam and the first from Southeast Asia.

Khoo was accompanied by Canadian guide Paul Landry and a husky named Apu, which means "Snow" in Inuit.
The fact that Khoo used guides throughout his adventures has caused some mountaineers to scoff at his accomplishments.

"He's had a hell of a lot of backup," said Alan Silva, a mountaineer who has climbed six of Khoo's seven summits including Everest without a guide. "It's a bit of a nonsense."
Silva, a 40-year-old Australian who lives in Singapore, told The Associated Press that the adventure grand slam is a marketing ploy that means little to serious climbers. Reaching the North Pole is just a really cold walk through ice, Silva says.

Khoo dismissed such criticism and said he won't let critics spoil his achievement.
"It's a dream come true," said Khoo, who told reporters he wants to eat chocolate, see his wife and cherish the moment. "I'm thinking of a nice beach resort holiday where I can wear my swimming trunks."

To prove he reached the North Pole, Khoo will send back photographs of himself with his Global Positioning System (news - web sites) monitor displaying the pole's coordinates: 89 59.59'N.

Khoo will send the pictures by e-mail in two or three days when he reaches his base camp at Resolute Bay, expedition organizer Melvyn Goh said.

 From Yahoo (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020506/ap_wo_en_ge/singapore_adventurer_4)
Title: Khoo Swee Chiow does not summit Everest without oxygen
Post by: 7summits on May 26 2004, 03:27
2 years after the news posted above he has proven that he is smarter than some other climbers: he turned back and is alive:

Title : Khoo fails in Everest quest without oxygen 
Date : 25 May 2004 0905 hrs (SST) 
ChannelNewsAsia (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/86697/1/.html) 

SINGAPORE : Singapore adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow has failed in his quest to reach the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen.

Mr Khoo, who had conquered the peak in 1998 as a member of the celebrated Singapore team, said: "I could have continued and probably would have reached the top, but I knew I would not come back alive. So, the decision to turn around was simple. The mountain will always be there."

Mr Khoo, 40, set out from the last camp on May 16 at 8.30pm for the summit (at 8,848 metres) without the aid of oxygen. He reached the Balcony (8,415 metres) at 2.45am. However, he became extremely exhausted and dehydrated.
Without wanting to put his life in further danger and finding himself in a situation where he would have to be rescued by others, he decided to turn around.

Mt Everest has seen four deaths so far this season. Two climbers are still missing, one succumbed severe frostbite and there have been several helicopter evacuations.

Mr Khoo added: "I did not want to be on these lists of tragedies or injuries."

Asked if he would attempt his feat again, Mr Khoo, resting in Kathmandu, replied: "Right now, I just want to see and hold my six-month-old son and spend some time with my wife and friends in a warm place." - TODAY

Title: Re: Khoo Swee Chiow reaches North Pole and "grandslam"
Post by: MoT on May 27 2004, 04:08
Ah yeah, but has Khoo Swee Chiow really completed the Grand Slam. It would have to include the furthest point from the Earth's centre too - the 'fourth' pole! In Ecuador i believe - Chimborazo, is it?