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Title: Im gone
Post by: Ron on Nov 2 2004, 13:56
Im gone

I'm not gonna put up any longer with the BS of a certain forum visiter called Trunl. I will not reply or visit this forum or whatever as long he is in here.

The guy is bad for the credibility and atmosphere of this forum. I would have long blocked his IP but thats not up to me.

So guys & girls  have good climbs and remember that the travel to your goal is more important then the arrival and above all should be fun.

Signing out


(And do not remove this post Harry)
Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: 7summits on Nov 2 2004, 14:20
Hey Ron  8)
No I will not remove it now, will move it though to the ChitChat sometime today.

Ill be back
Before you posted I had just removed the big Trunl thread as well as ome of his other posts and replies. I will be moderating this forum a lot more as it needs to be informative and friendlier, I sadly agree.
That does not mean everybody has to agree about everything btw, discussion is good, but there must be some benefit to all when discussing.

So Trunl, if you just stick to asking questions about mountaineering stuff you do not know, so you and all visitors can learn from it, you are welcome. But I will not have any more useless discussions, non-backed 'facts' or off-topic discussions (besides in ChitChat, that 's where it's for) from you or anyone.

If you want to send those Whitney pics:
2e Oosterparkstraat 156B
1092 BR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
and I will scan them for you.

And before I receive those I do not want to see the word "whitney" again or it must be about Mrs Houston in ChitChat. Google actually started serving climbing Mt Whitney ads on this forum! Guess their technology is really smart  ;)

Now Dr Gear  ;D how about a weekly column for you where you highlight some of the next year's new products arriving in your shop? Many people are interested in what is going to come soon, might help making decisions about what gear to buy.
I am specifically interested in buying some new iceclimbing boots (waterfall etc, non-expedition). Anything new and improved coming up soon (this year still)?

Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: Buddha on Nov 3 2004, 04:46
Ron, I do understand your point of view perfectly, and I guess that each and everyone reading this forum know of my views on trunl.

I'm really sad to see you go but must ask if this is the right way to show your dislike against trunl? Isn't it better to keep replying to his posts and advice that he gives to other people so that nobody that views this forum for the first time takes his advice seriously?
Since the administration of this forum obviously don't think it's important to stop deadly or hazardous advice by blocking a users IP, someone must be there to let everyone know that what he sometimes write is complete and utterly BS.

About being negative for the forums credibility and atmosphere I totally agree with you! I know personally that I have probably 100 posts directed to trunl or concerning topics/advice that trunl gave on the forum. I know also that 50% of those are not very friendly but on the other hand, if he wouldn't be here, neither would those posts.

So Harry, you may consider this post useless but I hope I am entitled to have an opinion on this matter...  ;)

I will also try and refrain from bringing up the mountain that trunl supposedly summited and making off-topic replies! :)


Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: 7summits on Nov 3 2004, 14:21
Since the administration of this forum obviously don't think it's important to stop deadly or hazardous advice by blocking a users IP, someone must be there to let everyone know that what he sometimes write is complete and utterly BS.

Hey watch it buddy! Go rinse your mouth with bio-degradable soap  :()

Have you ever seen that big "report to moderator" sign in the right hand bottom of posts? If you feel that any post could be dangerous or inappropriate, click that and report it and I will check it out as objectively as possible and take actions if needed.

Nothing dangerous should be on this forum, if I miss something that you think should not be on here, or should be modified, let me know, do not start ranting. You can also use the private message system a lot more.
Those public attacks are mostly not for the content of posts (that can be PM'd or reported), but to show the rest of the forum how many flaws one has found in someone else's post  ::)

I feel very strong about freedom of speech, in fact, yesterday a famous dutch director who stood for that and was threatened for it was shot to death at the end of my street, only a few hundred yards away which (and it's totally irrelevant if I agreed with his opinions or not, that is exactly the point) makes me  :() :() :() :() :() >:(...

That's why I will rather not censor people unless they are behaving as a raving lunatic, spamming with commercial messages and taking the quality down. But simply some ignorance about climbing can be helpful as it gives a chance for me or anybody else who has some experience to clarify the matter so that it can be helpful to others.

Why do I have this site? It's for a large part just because I want to spread safe information about one of my passions, make sure that not only very rich people climb Kilimanjaro, Everest etc. and that local people in Tanzanie, Russia, Aconcagua make some money and not just rich Americans who are rich enough.
It's not a money maker, the income from advertising and trips is needed to keep this site/forum up, pay for 25+ urls/year that point to it, server costs etc.
I can not even live of all the trips I organize & sell (and they're quite many actually) and will start another fulltime other job next week to recover financially from my own climbing expeditions.
I have been an advocate for the internet since it started getting off th ground over here (only in 1995), and it still makes me happy to see how we can share information with the world.   8)
See this as place where you can get the best trips and information for the lowest possible price, or a modern growing and never ending work of art, a hobby with serious impact or whatever or just a place to hang out and talk with similar minded people, but keep it clean and respectful.

Now go climbing y'all!
Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: Nemo (f) on Nov 3 2004, 23:22
Is Ron gone becos of my remark in chitchat about the size of his ...hands???... :lol)

He'll be back..... ;)

Tough mountaineering cookies won't stay away from the 7 summits..... ;)
Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: trunl on Nov 4 2004, 02:18
ron, listen,

im sorry. i will try not to rant anymore. i will not speak bluntly. i will try not to argue with others more experienced than me. i will not give advice on stuff i do not know.

i WILL try to learn from experienced people (such as yourself) and open my mind to other opinions and expand my experience on and offline.

list anything else you would like me to know, or me to say.

Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: Buddha on Nov 4 2004, 02:55
Trunl, that is very big of you! :) Once the karma 24 hour period is up I will actually ascend you for that post! I just hope Ron reads it and maybe you and me can file for truce as well now when we are at it?!  ;)
Title: Re: Im gone
Post by: trunl on Nov 4 2004, 02:56
alright. truce ron. and truce buddha.