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Title: Youngin looking for help
Post by: Rachel on Nov 7 2004, 11:37
Hi there,
I live in New Zealand and have found i'm fascinated in Everest. I'm only 13 but would love to set a record and summit all seven mountains but especially Mount Everest.  What books could i read and what training would i do? This may be hard but the only climbing i have done is basic rock climbing and abseiling.  I have a high fitness level and love the cold.  I can get the money but how do i start? Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Youngin looking for help
Post by: 7summits on Nov 7 2004, 13:59
Hi Rachel,

take a look around the forums, there are already several topics covering subjects like this.
You need a lot of experience in different fields relating to the Everest climb: cold, altitude, technique, (long) expeditions, mental training, gear and clothing knowledge etc.
Those you should acquire on other mountains, courses, trips with experienced people etc.