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Title: When you have to go....
Post by: Andreas on Nov 13 2004, 05:46
 ;D A silly question here:

You are somewhere on everest walking towards the summit good and warm in your down suit when you suddenly sense that something is happening in your stomach... :o
(No, I`m not talking about giving birth ;D )

What do you do? ???
To take of your down suit must be a lot of trouble? Or do they have some kind of zipper back there ::)

How and where are such matters usually taken care of in high altitude?

Title: Re: When you have to go....
Post by: 7summits on Nov 13 2004, 13:22
Hi Andreas,

you would be frozen to death sonner than you could finish your business if you'd take off your pants. The TNF down suits (and most others) have a zipper thag goes all the way from the top of the frontside down and under towards the top of your bottom on the backside (you can separate it in different pieces, so you do not have to open the top part before you can open the bottom part. That would cool you of too much.)

The opening is exactly the right size, no space to mess around!

So first you try to get out of the wind while staying secured or roped up, then you zip open the bottom part, fiddle around with your layers underneath and hope you aimed well  ;)

I had to go a few times while on a high mountain and fully dressed, but it is always worth it. Unless you developed serious diarrhoea -which probably means you are dehydrating and you should go down- it is always a relief to go, your internal system will feel more happy and you will regain the time lost easily while feeling much better

And do dig in and/or cover up please, too much of 'white man's prayer flags' floating around the mountains
Title: Re: When you have to go....
Post by: peak_sneak on Jan 22 2005, 04:27
Another silly and quite embarrasing question....for women.

What do you about the 'monthly visitor' when going on long treks?