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Title: Boots - Kilimanjaro
Post by: regaz on Nov 24 2004, 08:50
Hi everybody,
I have purchased most of the gear I'll need for a climb of Kili in July 2005. I haven't yet purchased a pair of boots but I do intend to get a pair in the near future. I want to break them in on a couple of smaller climbs.

I don't know much about boots for this climb and I was wondering if anybody could make some recommendations. I'm hoping that I don't have to break the bank on these and would like to keep the price under $200(US), if possible.
I'd appreciate any comments or advise.
Best regards,
Title: Re: Boots - Kilimanjaro
Post by: MoT on Nov 24 2004, 09:56
Meindl boots are soooooo comfy and don't need much breaking in. I got a pair 3 years back and they are still my number one pair for hill walking. Only problem is i can't attach crampons to the pair i got so i needed a new set of boots when i progressed to winter climbing.
Title: Re: Boots - Kilimanjaro
Post by: MikeW on Nov 24 2004, 10:27
Hi Ron!

You don't need anything fancy for Kili. A good pair of Salomon Adventure 6 would do just fine (that's what I had on Kili). Go to a store and check the fit, Garmont, Salomon, Lowa, Dunham all have good boots for Kili.

Title: Re: Boots - Kilimanjaro
Post by: Neil on Nov 26 2004, 07:12
Don't go and buy any heavy duty mountaineering boots for Kili. Look for a serious backbacking boot that can except clip on crampons. Make sure it has even suport.