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Title: Contact lenses at altitude
Post by: M1keey on Dec 15 2003, 03:49
This may sound like a personal preference type thing, but has anyone had difficulties wearing contact lenses on trips to Kili, Acon, or Denali?  Not so much them freezing over night, but having trouble during the day.
Title: Re:Contacts
Post by: Ron on Dec 15 2003, 04:42
I dont have contacts any more (laser operation) but i used them on Alpamayo (5987meters) and other trips...apart from the drag of removing then at night in my sleeping bag i had no problems.

Maybe Harry can tell a bit more..he has contacts and klimed all mountains you mentioned
Title: Re:Contacts
Post by: trunl on Dec 15 2003, 07:39
interesting question, as i wear contacts. waiting for the answer.
Title: Re:Contacts
Post by: 7summits on Feb 2 2004, 16:29
Hey guys, sorry I missed this Q. Actually the contact we not much of a problem during the day on Denali and Aconcagua (sometimes the dust was a slight problem), but getting them off in thin air (I used soft lenses) was harder (sticking to your eyes a bit). Bigger problem is cleaning them with dirty fingers and getting them in again before they freeze the next morning!
So now I switched to soft lenses that can stay in for 30 days and nights continuously, they are great! No need for cleaning etc. Can recommend these, ask your eyedoctor for a sample pair, not everybody can handle these.

Title: Re:Contacts
Post by: 7summits on Feb 10 2004, 16:45
I cannot find any packaging right now, but I think it is Bausch and Lomb.
Title: Contact lenses at altitude
Post by: Daisy on Dec 7 2004, 16:21
Hello! how are you all? for anyone going to Aconcagua soon, I hope the training is going ok. Only 20 days to go and counting!   :eek)

Just a question...do any of you have any experience with contact lenses at altitude? one of my team mates has had eye surgery and wears contact lenses. Is there anything he should know about? I've heard horror stories of lenses freezing onto people's eyes and things like that. Is there any truth in it or is that just one of those exaggerated stories? If any of you wearing contacts can share your experiences that would be great.

Title: Re: Contact lenses at altitude
Post by: Ian2u on Dec 9 2004, 01:16
I wore Day & Night contacts, you leave them in a for a month and sleep in them, for a 5 week trip to climb Mera Peak (6,500m) in Nepal.  Mine were in for about 6 weeks since I put them in before flying to Nepal and then changed then when I got home.  No problems. They dont freeze (if they did then so would your eyeball).  I would not fancy the idea of daily contacts, your hands and everything are dirty, you would need good lighting and a mirror.  Anyhow first thing in the morning at -5C to -15C you do not want to be shoving your fingers in your eyes.  And doing this at 3AM on summit day is a NO No.  Its tough enough facing the Loo tent at -10C in the morning!
PS Aconcagua is next for me