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Title: Jake Meyer for #6, Vinson, maybe the youngest summiteer
Post by: 7summits on Dec 13 2004, 01:37
Here is a pressrelease about Jake Meyer, trying to be the youngest to climb the 7summits:


Jake Meyer, aged 20 from Tetbury in Gloucestershire, is getting close in his quest to be come the youngest person to climb the Seven Summits the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.

The Bristol University Environmental Science Undergraduate, who works during the holidays for the mountain sports company Ellis Brigham in its Kensington store in London, is also an Army Scholar and will be going to Sandhurst in 2006. He first heard about the challenge of the 7 Summits when he was 14 at Marlborough College.

Jake welcomed the Millennium dawn from the summit of his first continental highpoint Kilimanjaro (Africa: 5,896m, 19,340ft) at the age of 15. Since then, four more have been conquered including Mt Elbrus (Europe: 5,642m, 18,481ft); Mt Aconcagua (S.America: 6,962m, 22,838ft); Mt McKinley/Denali (N.America: 6,194m, 20,230ft) and Mt Kosciusko (Australia: 2,230m, 7,316ft),. He soloed Aconcagua when he was 18, achieving the world record for the youngest solo ascent of the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. His ascent of Denali in June 2003 took him only 11 days, which was nearly 10 days shorter than the average ascent and earned him the fastest ascent of the season.

The present youngest summiteer is an American: Britton Keeson. He completed the 7 this year aged 22 years and 174 days.

With provisional places on expeditions to Mt Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica (4,897m, 16,067ft), in December 2004 and Everest (8,850m, 29,035ft) North Ridge in April 2005, Jake is seeking sponsorship and trying to raise 45,000 needed to attempt these mountains in order to beat the current record by over a year.

Contact Jake at any time on +44(0)771 776 3736 to discuss his expeditions past, present and future. He can provide any photos needed for publication and would relish any publicity, as it will be vital for his fundraising.
Title: Re: Jake Meyer for #6, Vinson, maybe the youngest summiteer
Post by: 7summits on Dec 13 2004, 01:39
Jake (who summited Denali last year with me) just sent me an update from Punta Arenas:

Dear Harry,
Hey, how are you? I am in Punta Areanas at the moment in southern Chile. It is amazing here and I am waiting to fly out to the Antarctic to climb my next mountain. The weather in the Antarctic has been to bad at the moment to fly out and so we are exploring the city and having a good time eating lots of steak. We are called every 2 hours by the expedition met officer who tells us of the conditions out in Patriot Hills, the place where we will land.
As it is an ice runway that is 2 miles long, and the jet (which weighs 200 tonnes) has no breaks it is important for the wind to be as low as possible. Especially as the flight costs clost to $60 000, so we must make sure all the conditions are right. As you can imagine it is very tense, all of us waiting for the call which would give us 45 mins to get to the airstrip.

All very Exciting. I will send you the bank details when I return to the Uk in Mid Jan (we are out here for 5 weeks). Thanks for the DVDs, you are a star. Anyway good to hear from you. Jake