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Title: Visiting the Himalaya? Please help.
Post by: tan on Dec 19 2004, 22:22

I have launched a website recently about missing travellers in the Himalaya region.  There are many people missing in the area; some have been missing a short time, others much longer.  Please visit "Lost In The Himalaya" and see if you can help find a traveller who went missing in March 2004 in Sagarmatha Park, Nepal.  Maybe you were in Kullu Valley, India and met one of the many travellers who have gone missing.

The site also includes information about embassies and what they can do for you. There are messages from some of the family members who are missing a relative in the region.  We have a vast list of travel and trekking sites (in many languages) where you can get more information about staying healthy & safe as well as travel advice for the area. We even provide information about the media in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Tibet.

Please visit "Lost In The Himalaya" today to find out more, also take a few moments to register and share your thoughts on the many topics available for discussion too.

Thank you for taking time to read this,

http://get-me.to/thehimalaya or http://s8.invisionfree.com/Lost_In_The_Himalaya