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Title: Denali - Dates
Post by: Zach Davis on Jan 8 2005, 23:42

I've been organizing a trip to climb Denali via the Orient Express and to ski the same route.

I have a question about reasonable starting dates - One of my partners can't leave for the mountain until June 15th... Will we be way out on a limb, starting this late in the season?

Title: Re: Denali - Dates
Post by: 7summits on Jan 9 2005, 04:02
Hi Zach,

you are definately pushing your luck, but normally it should be just ok. You can not determine it now as the weather can change per year, but chances are that there will be no place to land a plane to pick you back up (not enough snow, crevasses open). But there are still commercial expeditions that time, so if it does not work out, you won't be stuck on the ice alone