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Title: what to climb when
Post by: Robert on Jan 17 2005, 22:52
Just looking for a bit of advice

I leave to start my first of the seven summits in 6 weeks, I'm going up the Rongai route on Kilimanjaro, and i can't wait.

What i was wanting to know was, is there a suggested order in which to climb the 7 summits. basically which one do i do next?  ???

Title: Re: what to climb when
Post by: 7summits on Jan 18 2005, 02:22
Hey Robert,

welcome to the forum; there is no fixed order, but it is wise to slowly build up to Everest by learning on all aspects of that climb: altitude, technique, cold etc.

See also this FAQ (http://7summits.com/faq/index.php?display=faq&nr=67&catnr=8&prog=p1&lang=en). Most people do either Elbrus or Aconcagua after Kili, and then work their way up Vinson/Denali until they get to Everest in the end.
Kosciuszko can be done whenever you are in the area and have a day off, Carstensz needs high altitude rock climbing experience.

Do not underestimate the step from Kili to Aconcagua, though technically not much harder, Aconcagua is a different ballgame...
Best is to take loads of courses (in the Scottish highlands for example  8)) and go on a longer and higher expedition each year as well.
Title: Re: what to climb when
Post by: Robert on Jan 18 2005, 18:17
Thanks for the reply the FAQ was really informative

What courses would you advise to take i have done alot of walking and summited loads of munroes (Scottish mountains over 3000 ft). i have done some climbing but i am by no means a good climber

any sugestions towards courses that would help

Title: Re: what to climb when
Post by: eugene on May 1 2005, 01:56
Couldn't do better than www.mountainmotion.co.uk. Richard Bentley is a class act and a real nice guy. We climber tower ridge in ice and snow in Feb with him. He is a very highly regarded guide and instructer in Fortwilliam.

Check out his website he has a number of courses on offer.