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Title: On top of Mt. Everest
Post by: Buddha on Jan 20 2005, 05:07
Did you ever wonder what kind of scenery you can expect when you are standing on top of the world? I've found a link which gives you a panoramic picture from the summit of Mt. Everest.


I've also received the following link from trunl which shows pretty much the same thing but with the cooler featuer that you can see the names in the surroundings!

Title: Re: On top of Mt. Everest
Post by: Ian2u on Jan 21 2005, 01:08
The poster is for sale in Kathmandu as two prints each being 46 inches by 17 inches and each covering 180 deg, I think I paid about $15 for one print.  The main peaks are labelled and heighted.  Looks pretty good framed.