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Title: what is your story?
Post by: peak_sneak on Jan 24 2005, 01:59
Hey 7summits this one is for you....and others too.

I haven't been on here for very long but it seems to me like you have a lot of mountaineering experience. I was just wondering how it all began for you and how you arrived at this point?

BTW, is this your site? And can you explain to me what the armchair, hiker, mountaineer, etc...thing works and the altitude thing too.

Anyone else is free to tell me there story too, I am very interested.

Title: Re: what is your story?
Post by: 7summits on Jan 24 2005, 02:56
Hey Peak_Sneak,

check out this message:

It has a lot of info about me, other regular posters, the Altitude thing, Flying Yaks and more  8)
The more you post, the better title you get (from Armchair, to hiker to....... to ...)

What is your story? Pictures and backgrounds welcome  ;D

And yes, this is my site and company, 7summits.com