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Title: Iceclimbing!!
Post by: MonteBianco on Jan 28 2005, 19:08
Today I climbed at a local waterfall and it was great fun.. But one problem occured to me.. My grip..Damnit my hans were cramping after the first wall. Later on I became more confident in placing my feet and the upper body with grip and arms didnt have to do the bulk.. I will certainly go climb ice more often because it was very fun and its just 5 kilometer from my home  8)

How about you folks on the forum? Do you climb any ice? and if you do what do you think about technically? I realised that good footwork is very helpfull ..what els should one think about when climbing ice?
Title: Re: Iceclimbing!!
Post by: 7summits on Feb 5 2005, 01:27
Hey Montebianco!

yes Iceclimbing is fun! Have not done much so far, but it is great in France in the area around Briancon.


Your footwork is very important, especially to keep them horizontal, to avoid slipping out and calve pain. Trust your crampons and use the 2nd pair of teeth.

I am off to ice climb in Africa very soon  8)
Title: Re: Iceclimbing!!
Post by: MonteBianco on Feb 5 2005, 18:26
Alright...!!  One thing which helped me when climbing was the use off toprope. It felt very safe knowing that if you should slip which happened several times you wont fall a single meter.
And have a nice trip to Africa!! I guess Africa isnīt the first place to think of when going Iceclimbing though ;D Were u going? The Atlas?
Title: Re: Iceclimbing!!
Post by: 7summits on Feb 5 2005, 18:37
Nope, although you can make some nice skitours over there I heard..

I am off to Uganda, Rwenzori, together with Alison Levine (http://www.alisonlevine.com), my climbing and cycling friend Romke and some others.

Should be very interesting!
Keep you posted