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Title: "Kilimanjaro The Roof of Africa"
Post by: Dream BIG on Feb 22 2005, 10:36
Hey All,
I am new to climbing and new to this message board (I have been reading for about a month and this is my first post).  I am wondering if any of you have had the chance to see the IMAX film "Kilimanjaro The Roof of Africa?"  I went and saw it a week or so ago and I am wondering if any of you got the same vibe I did from it.  Did it seem like they were making the climbing of Kili out to be a little too easy?  When I saw the characters that were climbing it seemed as though the young kids and older woman had a pretty easy time up the mountain.  Did they have a prolonged acclimitization period, or is it that (I hate to use this word) "easy" for them to get to the top?  I am very interested in getting into climbing and the 7 summits is on my list of things to do if I can get the funding and training. 
Any comments?
Title: Re: "Kilimanjaro The Roof of Africa"
Post by: Hatman on Feb 22 2005, 23:41
Haven't seen the movie that you are talking about. However, Kili is a 'not too difficult' proposition if one takes time to acclimatise and Kili being equatorial and therefore not exceptionally cold or (apparently) too thin on O2 also helps make it a good bit easier than its Himalayan and Andean brothers and sisters.  Most trekking companies tend to chuck up thier customers (at the advice of the controlling authorities in the region, i.e. quick turnaround= more people passing thru' the huts= more cash) in 5 days, which means that the body is only acclimatised to c15,000ft and the hope is that you'll make the summit before your body notices too much.  Read 'Africa: A Timeless Soul' by an Aussie female mountaineer whose name I forget at the mo. Anyway, she does it in I think 7 days to the top and has a fairly easy time of it.  Hope that helps.
Title: Re: "Kilimanjaro The Roof of Africa"
Post by: Marry on Feb 25 2005, 20:13
Hi Dream BIG,

I saw the movie when I was in canada and enjoyed it very much. For me, it was the reason to consider and plan to climb Kili as well. Because it seemed a bit too easy in the movie, I also bought the book the elder woman wrote (i believe her name was Audrey ...). In this book she also describes that is wasn't  easy at all and that they took their time. they even went up a second time, because there wasn't enough footage. If you look careful, sometimes there's snow and then there's none...
However, after reading a lot of travel stories, i think (and hope) Kili is doable. Key words are aclimatisation, fitness and just have fun!

Just go surf on the internet and you'll find a lot of stories and then you can choose for yourself...

Title: Re: "Kilimanjaro The Roof of Africa"
Post by: eugene on May 1 2005, 00:47
Having climbed Kili in '03 by the Machame Route I would have to say that it is a great adventure and really good fun. I had a desperate dose of the runs (food or water poisoning?) but apart from that really enjoyed it. We did the 7 day route as time for proper aclimitisation is where its at. Pole pole (slowly slowly) they will tell you. By the way I've climbed Mt Blanc, Grand Paridiso and Elbrus and enjoy high altitude.
Title: Re: "Kilimanjaro The Roof of Africa"
Post by: sherper boy on May 2 2005, 01:30
I have not seen the movie but i have attemted to climb Kili!
In 2003 we went up via the Marangu route in 5 days. Of the 16 in our party who attempted the summit only 2 made it! We all got to Kibo hut at 4,700 and from there on in we were dropping like flies. I have not finished with Kili yet, i will be back to get to the summit! :)