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Title: 2003-4 Serious Speed Record Controversies
Post by: skyandsun on Mar 1 2005, 09:14
2003-2004 saw major controversies. 

--2003 Everest dispute lodged by Pemba Dorji against Lhakpa Gelu
      no time-verification, alleged witness to fradulent time, witness never produced

--2004 Everest dispute lodged by Lhakpa Gelu against Pemba Dorji
      no time-verification, no witnesses above Camp II, horrible weather above Camp II, 
      witnesses to Pemba remaining at Camp II through night in hidden area.

--2003 Denali dispute lodged by USA Mountain Speed Climbing against Chad Kellogg
      professional dispute:
      photo-copied email from reported timers Lisa Roderick and Mark Westman,
      establishes fradulent time; record reported as "official" by explorersweb.com and 
      proven by USA Mountain Speed Climbing and Dan Howitt to be completely lacking in
      time-verification; Chad Kellogg a professional climber; major press coverage for
      Denali claim and slide-shows and sponsors.

--2004 Kilimanjaro Dispute as seen on Americasroof.com where the record claimer took
      part in the dispute lodged by Helen Maas

Time-verification is very much necessary.
It is not honorable for climbers to report fradulent speed records, and also profit from them.