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Title: 7summits.com 's Harry Kikstra back to Everest
Post by: 7summits on Mar 13 2005, 19:37
Well, there is some unfinished business up there, so I will be heading back as one of the guides in our own expedition. We have a shared expedition with Alex Abramov and will have a great time!

There will be several 7summits clients climbing: Nate Schneider, Lorenzo Gariano, Noel Hanna and Lynne Stark. Nickolai Cherni, the famous Russian climber and coach of the Russian national climbing team will be the other 7summits.com guide.

As always we will try to email and call in our stories, follow them here on 7summits.com on the forum, section Everest 2005 trip reports. Your commens are welcome! We get most of them and though will will likely notbe able to react to them we appreciate your thoughts and encouragements.