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Title: Off to Nepal! Sponsored by baggage.nl
Post by: 7summits on Apr 1 2005, 20:07
Hi all,

well, a PC crash came in very untimely, but still I am off to Nepal in a few hours.
Will pick up Noel Hanna and Lynne Stark at Heathrow and together we will fly to Kathmandu where we will meet the rest of the team.

Meanwhile World Wide Baggage Services has sponsored us by sending our cargo off!

Thanks Ybo!
If anybody from the Netherlands wants a good, fast and cheap but especially easy way to send of excess luggage, go to www.baggage.nl and have it picked up at your doorstep!

(http://7summits.com/chogolisa/pix/wbs_banner_111.JPG) (http://www.baggage.nl)

As always our clothing is sponsored by The North Face!
(http://7summits.com/chogolisa/pix/tnflogo110.jpg) (http://www.thenorthface.com)