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Title: April 3: enjoying Kathmandu, getting ready for Everest
Post by: 7summits on Apr 3 2005, 18:25

Hello from a cloudy Kathmandu. After Romke dropped me off (again!) I caught my flight to London in time, and even charmed my way out of the excess luggage penalty.
Noel & Hanna beat me to it though as they got upgraded to business class from Belfast to London! And they scammed even more free luggage  ;D

We hooked up at Heathrow, got along right away and together flew to Kathmandu via Abu Dhabi.

Alex (Abramov) picked us up and we raced through the always busy streets of Kathmandu. We also met Nate Schneider who will be climbing with us and has been travelling with his father Andy. As Noel and Lynne are from Northern Ireland they had to test out the Irish pub of course, but he as he would not go for canned Guiness, it was Everest lager instead..


 There are fewer tourists than normally, but still the atmosphere is great as ever. We are now in the Vaishali hotel in Thamel and getting the last things organied.
Meanwile most other climbers have arrived, our other guide Nickolai is here as well as our team doctor Andrej. Our entire neighbourhod seems to be overtaken with teammembers wearing our specially made red team jackets and shirt  8)

Tommorow we wil do the touristy thing and take a nice tour of teh different Hindu and Buddhist temples.
The Maoist problem is getting stronger though and we might have to find a new solution for getting our gear to the border which was planned in the next few days. But the Maoists have called a strike and are getting more aggressively lately, so we must take care.

Meanwhile we ae enjoying the friendliness of the Nepali people, more post later this week!

All the best,




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Title: Re: April 3: enjoying Kathmandu, getting ready for Everest
Post by: MournesMan on Apr 3 2005, 22:34
Glad you've all made it to Kathmandu - you lucky people!! ;D

Anyway, have fun - didn't realise there were 2 folks from N Ireland on the expedition.  As with Lynne, I also wish Noel every success!!
Title: Everest 2005: Kathmandu fun
Post by: MournesMan on Apr 6 2005, 03:10

Hello folks!  How have you enjoyed Kathmandu?  Did you see all the temples?

Have you started the week-long trek to Everest Base Camp yet?  How are the folks from NI doing?  What sort of climbing experience have they got?

regards Colin
Title: Re: April 3: enjoying Kathmandu, getting ready for Everest
Post by: 7summits on Apr 6 2005, 11:50
Hey Colin and all,

yep, we saw the beautiful temples, had a great day tour with a very nice guide  8)
And everybody is very busy bonding with other team members over an Everest-beer, so that works out fine.

Noel and I will be trying to cycle down from basecamp to sealevel after the climb. Now I just have to buy a bicycle today  :?)

Tomorrow we will try to leave for Tibet!

Title: Re: April 3: enjoying Kathmandu, getting ready for Everest
Post by: peter65 on Apr 6 2005, 22:43
Good luck - be careful out there
Veel succes