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Title: 23rd April: Altitude reactions at ABC
Post by: Chris Valentine on Apr 25 2005, 18:58
An evening message from Advance Base Camp at 6400m. A tough day on most of the team: some have already decended but two went for an overnight at Camp 2 on the North Col. Buddist blessing ceremony on the kit due tomorrow. Everest looking very different from up close.

Title: Re: 23rd April: Altitude reactions at ABC
Post by: Mary Clare on Apr 25 2005, 22:51
Hello to all

I can't even imagine what Mt. Everest looks like from where you are.  To really be that close and still a difficult climb ahead.

Remember, you have a lot of people rooting for you!

Again, best wishes to my brother John. 


Title: Re: 23rd April: Altitude reactions at ABC
Post by: MournesMan on Apr 28 2005, 04:50
Chris/Romke - thanks for passing on my messages.  Trying to catch up on things on the 7 summits forum here after listening to yet another excellent blog from Lorenzo at the end of my day in work.

Lorenzo - many thanks for the mention in your blog.  It is nice to know that you and the team appreciate all the messages of support and I appreciate your mention - it brings us all closer in spirit even if the distance between us is great.  You are breathing heavily on the phone but your accounts are still crystal clear - keep up the brilliant blogs and I'm glad that you appear to holding off the effects of altitude.

Noel and Lynne - glad to hear you are doing well.  The altitude mustn't be affecting you too much judging by the trek you made with Harry and Lorenzo.  Best wishes and continued success - both of you are obviously very fit (Lorenzo mentioned you were adventure racers) - you can do it, just take care of each other and don't take unnecessary risks!!  On Saturday 23rd, I was climbing Donard (850m approx) with a few friends and telling them all about the expedition - through the hazy sunshine we got great views of the Mournes, fantastic!!  Of course, you two were rather higher than me at 6400m  :lol)

Best wishes to all the team
Colin Fox