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Title: 26 april: Comfortably numb
Post by: Romke on Apr 27 2005, 21:54
One more rest day at basecamp and everybody wanders and sits around like characters from Peter Jackson's 'Braindead'... The 3 fixed moments in the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner seem to be the only structure that is needed and desired. Some people are suffering from the aftermath of Yuri's birthday party, most are just suffering from the 'basecamp depression'.

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The past few weeks have been nothing more than a warm up for what is yet to come: climbing the highest peak on the earth. Now the mental strength is needed to recharge while still being in a place where your body clearly lets you know that you are not supposed to live here, no matter what relative luxury you are exposing it to. Your body wants to go home -only a few days travel away- and tries to convince your mind to play along.

This is where teamwork comes into play in maybe unexpected ways: especially on lame days like these it is the interpersonal communication that will either get you going again or will push you toward the easy way out, the short term solution.

Basecamp as I watch it from above while typing this report

Looking down at the camp from a hill just behind it, I can almost feel the depression rising from the yellow mess tent below, there is clearly work to do :), but the boys and girl already have found a way to keep the spirits up, old fashioned card games with tea and cashew nuts!
Noels eyes have not yet improved, we will have to wait another few days to see what to do. We must take care not to let our hard earned ABC acclimatisation slip away, but Noel is curently in no state to ascend, so only time will tell what will be best for all.
Meanwhile Lorenzo has just arrived in basecamp as well, so the Fat Bastards Club will gather tonight. :) Apparently Robert has spent the night on North Col, so he will not be coming back before tomorrow. The first of the Russians will already move back up to middle camp tomorrow for part 2 of the Quest for Everest...
Song of the day:
Pink Floyd- Comfortably numb (live)
"My hands felt just like 2 balloons"
Title: Re: 26 april: Comfortably numb
Post by: Mary Clare on Apr 27 2005, 22:57
Hello to all

Even though the goal is to assend the HIGHEST mountain in the world and my hope is that all of you will make it, the journey really is the destination.  What an experience to be with people from different places in the world, all with adventurous hearts and strong determination.  You are all living your dreams...my hat is off to each and every one of you.  Even those long days at base camp are part of this experience that you will carry with you your entire life.

Noel, we are all hoping for your full recovery.  I am hoping you will be able to continue this climb of Everest.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Title: Re: 26 april: Comfortably numb
Post by: MournesMan on Apr 28 2005, 06:22
Great post Mary-Claire - brought a tear to my eye!!

I must echo Mary-Claire in that you are all living the dream and whether you make the top or not, it is the comradeship and coming together of free spirits from different lands, different cultures, all pulling together as friends, a team with one goal.  This is the dream and it is the building of lasting, true friendships that matters and the caring for one's fellow man/woman.  I wish I was there with you - for me the adventure is exciting but ultimately it would be the new people I met, friendships made and the experiences shared that would stay in my memory, my heart and my soul for ever.  I feel an affinity for the group and would have loved to meet Harry, Lorenzo, Noel, Lynne, Nate, John, Alex and all the gang in such fantastic circumstances.

Noel, I really hope your eyes improve - but nothing is worth losing your sight over.  Hopefully the drugs will clear it up.  I'm keeping my climbing friends in work appraised of every development.

Best wishes,