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Title: 29th April: audio message from Harry
Post by: Chris Valentine on Apr 29 2005, 15:54
Harry's just sent an audio blog entry as they don't have Internet access at the moment. He's currently acting as BC manager with just three others left there. Five have gone on to ABC and will go up to the North Col tomorrow, where it is very windy. Set to return to BC tomorrow afternoon are Noel and Lynne, although Noel's eyesight has not improved much yet.

Harry, Nate and Lorenzo's caving expedition was very interesting. They returned to BC on the back of a motorcycle, "very much like Lord of the Rings" he says (although I think the bit with the motorcycle must only appear on the extended version of the DVD...).

Harry, who has a light cold, wishes everyone in the Netherlands something in Dutch I couldn't pronounce and 'have a drink on us', retiring to the sauna.


Song of the day - well, it can only be:
Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
"Get your motor running, head out on the high way
Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way".
Title: Re: 29th April: audio message from Harry
Post by: Mary Clare on Apr 30 2005, 00:23
Hi Chris

Again, thank you for your excellant reports.  They are very much appreciated!

What a great adventure for Harry, Nate and Lorenzo.  I can imagine the scene of "Lord of the Rings with motorcycle"!  I love it!  Perfect song choice for the day..."Born to be Wild".  Best line of the song..."Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way."

Wishing all of you the best adventure yet!
Title: Re: 29th April: audio message from Harry
Post by: Romke on May 1 2005, 03:30
The something that Chris can't pronounce but Harry wishes everybody in the Netherlands is a great 'koninginnedag'. It's a great national holiday, that usually confuses foreigners especially if it falls on the 29th of April. Imagine conversations about it going similar to this:

'so today's the queens' birthday?'

- 'eh, actually that's tomorrow, but tomorrow is Sunday.'

'ah, so tomorrow will really be the queens' birthday?'

- 'well, it's the queens' mother's birtday.'

'I see, so all this drinking and partying is because tomorrow is the birthday of the mother of the queen, gee, you people really need an opportunity...'
Title: Re: 29th April: audio message from Harry
Post by: MournesMan on May 4 2005, 05:17
Yes Chris

Great story and although the rantings of Harry gave concern  ;D , it did sound like a very interesting excursion, if not slightly supernatural.

I echo Mary Claire's comments - definitely a great song for today - very apt!

Ah ha Romke - nice one!!  And no wonder Chris couldn't pronounce it - had difficulty reading it myself  :)

Glad to hear Lynne and Noel are returning - hope the eyes recover soon, Noel.  Hang in there matey!!!

Has the team been allocated a Summit Day yet or is that further down the line, dependent on acclimatization??

Best wishes all