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Title: Chomolangma rather than Everest
Post by: lgu98150 on May 4 2005, 16:57
Hi guys,

Maybe this has been covered before - I'm new to the forum and haven't seen it if it has been. In any case....

Chomolangma is the Tibetan name for the mountain peak commonly known as Everest and translates to mean 'Goddess, Mother of the Earth' - which I think is a better name than that of a surveyor who measured it nigh on 200 years ago.

Admittedly it is a bit of a mouthful, but would it not be more appropriate to call the mountain its ancient, spiritual name rather than to brand it with an imperialist stamp. The other peaks in the area are known by their local names so why not this one?


Title: Re: Chomolangma rather than Everest
Post by: Daisy on May 5 2005, 15:06
The Nepalese Name is Sagarmatha and theTibetan Name is Chomolungma. The problem is, which one would you choose?

It would be nicer if we referred to the mountain by its original names. I think it was even called peak 15 once? but it has been called Everest since the 1800s. It would be hard to get people to change back to one of its original names now. I do notice that more and more people are calling Denali by its original name rather than McKinley so I suppose its not impossible....