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Title: 4th May: At the North Col
Post by: Kevin Quick on May 4 2005, 18:45
Lorenzo sent a new GPS position to the web site, which shows that he has reached the North Col.  In a further text message he mentioned they had just arrived there, and were in the middle of a blizzard (approx. 6pm Tibet time  :  11am UK time)
Title: Re: 4th May: At the North Col
Post by: DEE DEE on May 4 2005, 19:01
Hi Lynne and Noel,

Glad all seems to be okay with Noel now, so proud of you both checking up every day to see your progress.

Take care Lots and lots of love

Title: Re: 4th May: At the North Col
Post by: julie on May 4 2005, 20:36
Hey lynne and Noel

Di has just showed us how to send messages on this thing

Hope you both are doing well

We are checking on you every day

Good luck

Lots of love

all the girls and David

Title: Re: 4th May: At the North Col
Post by: Mary Clare on May 4 2005, 23:20
Hello to all

So, North Col in a blizzard!  I am sure Lorenzo will be glad to get back to BC.

I just read Alex's reports.  It seems that on May 7th & 8th the winds will get up to 35 meters per second!  His plan to descend from ABC to BC is a "good call"!  So then the entire team will be able to rejuvienate.

WOW...what a party Alex attended at BC.  100 climbers, Russian vodka and Italian wine!!!  And the female Indian expedition to boot!  A party for all time!

Here's hoping for continued success on this great expedition.  May 21st or a day close to it, sounds like a great day to summit Everest!!! 


p.s. The pictures have been awesome.  I would love to see more as this "climb of Everest" gets higher on the mountain.
Title: Re: 4th May: At the North Col
Post by: annhall on May 5 2005, 03:52
dear lynne,noel,and the gang good to hear you have reached the north col.listening to lorenzo's messages hope all is going well for each of you ...the girls and stephen send their love...is the dog still around,sounds more like a wolf than a dog.....hope noel's eyes continue to stabilise and that you are getting a great buzz from the experience and landscape around you. Lynne the pe staff were asking for you and to let you know they are all thinking of you.
All the best for now..take care all ..........love ann.
Title: Re: 4th May: At the North Col
Post by: Nikky on May 5 2005, 06:51
Well hi Lorenzo! Its Ruth still in Florida! Last night through the tropical storm, thunder, lightening, hailstones, and intense humidity, I thought of your discription of sleeping on a glacier, oh yes, it was surreal, but listening to it just before bedtime, made me wish I was there and not here. Good luck with the second rotation and I hope the winds are not too strong on the North Col. I expect that communication maybe a little difficult, but will keep still listening. Is the lovely bright eyed doggy still with you? Nikki is still missing! Love from the "Geordie Pie Eaters'!