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Title: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: Kevin Quick on May 5 2005, 14:28
Lorenzo rang in a new audio blog message this morning from the North Col (05:50 UK time). Everyone seems to have found the ascent to this camp difficult yesterday, possibly because of the reflected heat from the sun from the snow and ice. The night for Lorenazo was quite restless with a couple of climbers arriving later in the evening and with a poor sleeping position.

Today the others have gone back down (unlike Lorenzo it was their first time to the North Col). Lorenzo contemplates in his message going on further towards Camp 2, although he didn't seem to think he would necessarily go all the way this time.

In addition to his audio blog message he also sent in a couple of GPS messages to the web site and the message at 07:44 UK time shows that he had ascended to nearly 7200 m at that time (based on the altitude reported by the GPS phone which has been consistently reading slightly under the actual value).
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: annhall on May 6 2005, 02:12
thanks lorenzo for another very informative picture of what you all must be experiencing.the sheer scale of the place is difficult to take in sitting here in northern ireland. the weather appears to be as large as the mountain. Keep up the good reports. send my best wishes to my sis Lynne and Noel..... i hope his eyes are improving all the best for now ann............ everyone take care.
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: Jimmy & Grainne on May 6 2005, 03:36
Hi Lynne & Noel

Great to see all the reports and messages. Hope all continues to go well, look after yourselves.

Jimmy & Grainne
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: Boots 633 Belfast on May 6 2005, 03:50
Hi Lynne, Noel & Team,
Trust everything is going to plan and Noel's eyes have improved.  As always everyone at Boots, Belfast sends their love and best wishes.  We all thought it strange about the dog turning up - a guardian angel perhaps?  Or just a dog looking for a good feed!!!! - probably.  Take care and regards to everyone.
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: babs on May 6 2005, 04:32
Hi Lynne, youve done some daft things in your time, but this takes the biscuit. Is Everest your new mile high club??  Seriously though,hope you are taking good care of each other and are taking no chances. Ive put you on our prayer list at my Bible Study.Hope this is a strength to you. Lots of love,  Barbara (murtagh).
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: Mary Clare on May 6 2005, 06:06
Hi there - I listened to Lorenzo's blog today.  It was a shame that he did not get a good night sleep.  But he is making great progress!  How are his sunburned lips?

2nd question...is the dog still with Lorenzo?

Sidenote...it is VERY sad about Mike O'Brien's death on the Ice Falls of the Western Cwm.  It is devastating.  Regarding the avalanche at Camp 1 on the south side...it is a shame that Durga was badly injured...but it certainly could have been worse.  The pictures gave a good view of the damage done by the avalanche.

Once again, we are all reminded of the power and the awesomeness of Mt. Everest.  There are risks involved!  I am wishing for the safety of everyone on this great mountain.  I truly do hope you will make the summit and most importantly stay safe.

All the best
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: Nikky on May 7 2005, 07:02
Have not been able to download Lorenzo last three messages, the problem maybe here in Florida as we have had electric storms, power cuts etc. Hope that Lorenzo and the rest of the team are o.k., and that the doggy is still around.  Kinda rekin' (speakin American now) and I am sure that I am not the only one, that she is some kind of Guardian Angel, and recalling our conversation in Appricola, you know I believe in angels. God Bless you all and may all the angels, wherever they are be with you. Love from Ruth, Green Pie Gang, and of coure Nikki, (wherever she is, although I do believe that a trail of slim cigar stubbs have been found leading to Tibet)....will keep you posted! p.s. If anyone else out there knows about  Nikki's whereabouts, could they please email?
Title: Re: 5th May: Message from the North Col
Post by: MournesMan on May 9 2005, 04:53
Shocked to read Mary Claire's post and hear of the death of a climber and of the avalanche that has caused damage to camp 1.

I can only check up on progress every 2 or 3 days now as I am busy here in N Ireland.  I hope all is well with the team and you are all looking out for each other - I'm a great believer in teamwork!!

Lorenzo, you seem to have a few female admirers - being also Italian, I'm sure it is not hard to attract them  :lol)

I assume that Nikky and Nikki are 2 different people and that Nikki has gone AWOL!!??

Best wishes Lorenzo and all the team (hope to get a chance tomorrow (9th May) at end of work, to catch up on the blogs posted since 4th May)

best wishes, Colin