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Title: 7th May: Back to Base Camp
Post by: Kevin Quick on May 7 2005, 16:28
A short text message and a new GPS position posted to the web site from Lorenzo, confirms that he has now returned back down to the Base Camp.
Title: Re: 7th May: Back to Base Camp
Post by: Shirley & Claude on May 7 2005, 21:44
Hi Lynne & Noel   


It was great to speak to you yesterday Lynne (6th). 

Well done to both of you for getting up to the North Col.....it just gets more and more exciting!!!

We are enjoying reading the update reports and listening to Lorenzo's messages, so a big thanks to Lorenzo for his journalistic skills, we really feel "close" to you all.

Lots of people you know (and some you don't), have been asking me about your progress, so there's something of a captive audience here in Belfast - the 7 Summits website must be feeling the effects by now.

Enjoy every minute - you'll never forget this holiday!!!!!!!!!

Love and all good wishes to you both (and to the rest of the team).

S & C

Title: Re: 7th May: Back to Base Camp
Post by: Leestlin Mannor on May 8 2005, 04:40
Message for Lynne & Noel
Hi - the gang all met tonight for a Chinese (gang being Velda, Colin, Irene, Alexander, Julie & Anglin).  We have been watching your progress on the website.  Hope Noel's eyes are getting better.  The boys are finishing off their third bottle of red wine!!!!  They are toasting to your success.  We have registered for updates on the internet, so please keep posting your progress.  Everyone wishes you both well, and our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.  We really hope you make it and return home safely.
Velda is constantly updating the Burrendale on your progress - the gang can't wait for a reunion with you all.  Lynn's chum has phoned Colin and arranged a mountain climb date!!!
All the best, Velda, Colin, Irene, Alexander, Julie & Anglin
Title: Re: 7th May: Back to Base Camp
Post by: Nikky on May 8 2005, 07:17
Message for Lorenzo, pleased you are back in base camp. Electric storm had shut down 'sound' on computer, but  have now caught up on last three days's reports. Listening one can't help thinking how dangerous and uncomfortable it must be, but your discriptions create such a vivid  picture, that  all I can think is  how amazingly beautiful and truly awesome it most be just to be there, and you and indeed anyone else is fortunate, to witness to be there and actully 'live' on the mountain.    How is the doggy by the way? Hope she is back a t base camp! Love Ruth, and AYE!! the GREEN PIE GANG!!
Title: Re: 7th May: Back to Base Camp
Post by: Mary Clare on May 8 2005, 10:52
Hello to Harry, Lorenzo, John and all

Lorenzo...I feel so lucky that my brother is on your expedition and that I am able to follow the progress of the team via your eloquent and beautifully spoken voice messages.  It is wonderful that you have this "technology" and are able to bring this climb of Everest to all of us!  It was magical listening to you describe the beauty of the surrounding mountain peaks like islands in the mist!  What a fantastic experience!

I was very excited to see your GPS position at 7207 meters!  Your web-site is excellant.  I check your GPS position every day.

According to Alex, all will be gathering back at BC May 11th - 12th.  Then on to ABC May 14th -16th where the team will wait for favorable weather for the final ascent.  You are getting to the heart of the expedition!

All the best,

P.S.  The recent pictures posted on Alex's web-site were fantastic!!!   Thank you to Alex!
Title: Re: 7th May: Back to Base Camp
Post by: MournesMan on May 9 2005, 05:11
Message for Mary Claire

Have you got an address for Alex's website?....keen to see the pictures!

Many thanks