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Title: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: Romke on May 8 2005, 19:32
After breakfast we started our descent. John & Nate left at 0900, Noel, Lynne & I about 2 hours later. Though the storm should be approaching, the weather is great and we get down in about 5.5 hours, all the way accompanied by Doggie...

Nate and Doggie on North Col

Just in time for yet another party: as Sergey and young Dmitry are leaving tomorrow we are having a goodbye party.
But first Alex calls me for assistance: we have arranged 4 sheep to be killed today and to prepare the Russian 'Hash' (no, not the Amsterdam kind) dish for tomorrow; we have to skin the sheep's heads. So while one of us holds the head, the other one cuts the skin of the heads.
Enclosed pictures show the 7summits.com/7summits-club.com team leaders not fearing getting their hands wet for serving more fresh dishes to their clients. We might put it on the 2006 Everest brochure, but maybe we scare some vegetarians  ;-)
We have fresh veggies and fruit too!!!

Alex showing today's catch in the storage tent

The dinner was great again, and the many toasts made the whiskey and other spirits flow. We got a visit from the Indian Airforce team, who were very impressed with some of our climbers CV's; 'Old' Dmitry got his guitar and we enjoyed many old Russian folk songs, many of which were sung along by Ivan, Igor and Grigory. It was well after 0200 and many song requests (made mostly by James..) later that we turned of the generator and went for our tents...
Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: annhall on May 9 2005, 00:43
Hi everyone...i really think doggie deserves a name..is it a he or a she. it looks a very calm and obedient animal who obviously enjoys your company. I don't really like the sound of skining the sheep heads it sounds too much like bushcraft for my liking. It sounds as if the russians know how to enjoy themselves as much as us irish. Hope all is well with Lynne and Noel.love sis.
Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: Mary Clare on May 9 2005, 02:11
A quick message to say I LOVE the pictures!!!  Fantastic shots.  Yesterdays photos of the ladder going up to the North Col and the shot looking down showing the crevaces below were outstanding.  I have never walked on a ladder with crampons.  It looks challenging.  I think my favorite photo is Nate with "dog".

What a feast...4 sheep, hash and "spirits".  Another great party!

Well, enjoy your days of rejuivenation and rest...and breath deep the beautiful air!

Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: MournesMan on May 9 2005, 05:05
Great picture Harry - beautiful dog!!

He/she looks so calm and content - what a friend!!  Must be some sort of angel.

Like others, not sure if I'll apply for the 2006 brochure - especially if the clients have to skin the sheep themselves!!!!

Best wishes, Colin
Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: Andy Schneider on May 9 2005, 19:43

You're looking good at North Col except for the scary nosetip.
Could you bring the dog home? Mom says we can keep it if you can get him home.

Lots of people at work and other friends have been following your adventure. They all wish you well.

The Biers and others called last week when the accidents on the Napal side of Everest were mentioned in our local newspapers.

Andy S
Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: Michael Sosnowy on May 10 2005, 01:44
I am sure my friend Jamie was leading the song request. I just hope they knew how to play a little of ole Hank Jr and A Country Boy Will Survive.

Best of luck to making the summit guys.

Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: Moss on May 10 2005, 10:29
That dog is great!!! I wonder if he'll be the first Canine to scale Everest  ;)

I really hope you guys are serious about a 2006 7-Summits Everest expedition, if so, I have to be on that.

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun, and I hope things continue to go well for you all.
Title: Re: 6th May: downhill & goodbyes
Post by: Erica C. on May 10 2005, 22:26
you look great!  What a wonderful surprise to see you and your friend pictured on today's update.  I have been following your adventure daily. My Dad is too.  Sending you tons of warm thoughts!
Title: nathan is amazing!
Post by: megan crotte on May 21 2005, 21:04
nate...you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.  i saw your brother at church and he told me you are well.  i was happy to hear that.  mare and brooke were sad to miss your calls.     xo, megan