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Title: 9th May: At the small village of Zhaxizong
Post by: Kevin Quick on May 9 2005, 18:16
New recording and GPS from Lorenzo: The team are now at the small village of Zhaxizong (spelling on our map, but not sure that that is the local spelling!). They are enjoying the warm temperatures and oxygen rich environment. Lorenzo unfortunately unable to sleep because of the large number of local dogs having a choir practice through the night.
Title: Re: 9th May: At the small village of Zhaxizong
Post by: Nikky on May 10 2005, 07:47
Just a quickie for Lorenzo! Fell behind with yesterdays report as it was Mother's Day here in USA, (nearly as big as Christimas), but pleased to catch up again. Love to hear what you have to say, (it is a different World, and you do it so well, the discriptions are so vivid and heartfelt that one really is there with you). Cheerio for now, Love once again from Ruth, and the Green Pie Gang, "Aye,"! please give 'the angel doggie" a pat if you see her again. p.s. )Have heard an amazing rumour about Nikki's whereabouts, but prefer to keep it until next time.
'Haa,way the Lads.....(a bit of Geordie)!p.s. Have given your webisite to intereseted parties..(would you believe) hikers in Florida)!! Yes, they are here too! And already know of the Italian Riveria, but did not know of 'guided walks' and one of them is from Italy, living about 40 mins from Liguria!