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Title: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: Romke on May 11 2005, 16:16
Since we hadn't heard from Harry for a couple of days I was getting both curious and a bit anxious. I just tried his phonenumber and got lucky, he had his Thuraya switched on!

The first I heard was a crackeling voice and some dry coughs, but then his voice cleared up and a broad smile was audible. He sounded slightly affected by the dry air, but otherwise fine.

"We're all back in basecamp now. All of us are feeling much stronger after three nights at 4200 m or below. Although we're all suddenly extremely tired. I just slept for three hours on a row in the middle of the day.

The weather looks great, the sky is bright blue and Everest even lost its eternal white plume. The blue sky may be misleading though. There is a lot of wind and our biggest uncertainty is if the wind will allow us to continue after ABC. The sherpa's already expressed their concern about the wind."

the big E

I asked Harry if he thought he would be well enough acclimatized.

"Noel, Lynn, Nathan and I have spent only one night on North Col and we didn't even go higher up. I didn't sleep well up there. There wasn't much space in the tent, but the main reason was the lack of oxygen.

However, this third ascent to ABC should be the final one. Going back down once more for a fourth ascent would help acclimatization, but the risks are that we miss the weather window and weaken ourselves too much."

I told harry about the recent avalanches on the south route. He was hungry for details and promised to take care. He says that the steep part up to north col is the most avalance prone area, it's the spot where Lorenzo was caught waist deep last week. After north col the route follows the ridge which is of course safe for avalanches from above.

Harry promised to send new updates tonight. He filled up already 6 gigabytes with his new EOS 20D and hopefully he will share a few pictures with us!

Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: Christine on May 11 2005, 17:40
Hello Lynne,
Sharon H is here in the office today 11th May!!!!  Rarin' to start Debs!!!!   Had two lattes with Sally - aaargh!!!!!     Ci Ci, Sharon & Dee Dee send our love ;)
Title: Hello Lynne and Noel
Post by: karen Kerr on May 11 2005, 17:59
Hi there Noel and Lynne,
Thinking about you today as I was driving into work and U2 were playing "it's a beautiful day". It is here and I hope it is there.
All our love and best wishes to you
Karen, vince and Elliott xo :lol)
Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: johnc on May 11 2005, 18:21
Hi guys
Hope this finds you all well. Now, entering the final stages we are all rooting for you as you push for the summit. 
Good luck for the next few days.

John & the team
Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: annhall on May 11 2005, 18:53
hi lynne and noel hope all is still going well for you all in the village. just sitting in school with a spare moment so i thought i would just say hello love you loads ann.
Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: Andy on May 11 2005, 18:58
Nate, Noel, Lynn, Harry et al.

Hope the weather holds for your final ascent. We (Chris, Austin and myself) plan on greeting you all in Kathmandu on May 29, follow your adventures. Hope to hear from you as your ascent continues. We're all pullin' for you. Stay safe and God's speed.

Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: Mary Clare on May 12 2005, 10:11
Hello Romke

It was nice to receive a message from Harry.  It seems that the expedition is on schedule.  That is good news.  I hope that Harry, Noel, Lynn and Nathan will be acclimated enough for the final ascent.  There will be enough challenges from this point on.  The strong winds will be difficult and I've heard that there are some concerns regarding the ropes above the North Col, especially on the 1st and 2nd steps.  But the "challenges" are part of the reason climbers aspire to climb the highest mountains!

A message to my brother, John Christiana.  I wrote a song called "Live your Dreams" that was inspired by my brother, 7 Summits & 7 Summits-Club.  I posted the words on Lorenzo's "Mystical Land" which was posted on April 27th.  I would love for John to see the words of this song before he pushes for the top of this great mountain...the top of the world!  If you could get this message to John, I would be very grateful.

Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: Greg Devlin on May 12 2005, 14:40
Hi Lynne and Noel,

Glad to hear that everything is positive at your end. Hope Noel is much improved and fighting fit.
Your setting at standard for the rest of us. I remember in his presentation just before you set out, that Pat Falvi stressed that we each have our own Everest to climb...though I'm happy that mine won't stretch beyond the top of Stranmillis Road for a Victory Cup...of coffee with you when you get back!

Good Luck for the next part.

Title: Re: 11th May - talked to Harry
Post by: Romke on May 14 2005, 01:32
Hi MC,

I just read your message ... and read your song text! Wonderful, let's try to get it to everest. There is a slight problem though, Harry was reading his e-mail with the help of Noel's iPaq, but he kept it in basecamp and it will be off the mountain before Harry gets a chance to see it.

I know one other solution, that is to SMS it to them. It will take a few of them, but you can be sure it arrives. Just leave me a private message with your email address and I'll send you his phonenumber.

- R