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Title: 11th May: 100 years of guiding on the buddy seat and looking deep into the eyes.
Post by: Romke on May 13 2005, 12:38
Our Jeep leaves at 11 in the morning and after a good pancake we head back up towards basecamp.
Besides Noel, Lynne and myself, also Nckolay and Russian climber Gregory are joining us in the first batch/jeep.

All goes well until about 20 km before BC suddenly the driver stops the car. He opens up the hood and triies to blow out the filter, shakes the car and does all kinds of other useless stuff, but soon we realize we are out of gas, he simply did not refuel when picking us up.

After many cars went past, one Chinese car finally stopped when I simply stood in the middle of the road and would not move.
Surprisingly one guy spoke a few words of German and we could explain the situation. We could not siphon the fuel from their car, but 2 of us could get a lift to BC as they were part of the Chinese team trying to remeasure the height of Everest.

Nickolay and I sat in the back of the car, bouncing around the dusty road. The driver was driving like a madman which paid itself back just before the Rongbuk monastery: kachinggggg tjsaktjsaktsjak...
It had broken through its suspension, the 2nd car that broke down on us today...

We were lightly dressed and the wind was cold, but we had to find a way to get to BC to bring our spare fuel back to the car. More than an hour on an open horse cart was no option, so
after some looking around I found a good off the road motorcycle with a driver willing to break the horsecart monopoly. I told him to find a friend with another bike, but he returned a few minutes later and let me know he would take us both.

So before we knew it, we were with 3 people on one motorcycle, Teva sandals, no helmets and over 60km/hour over bumpy roads. First the driver, next Nickolay, 66 years old and me with my 34 years at the end, not quite sure if I would reach 35...

But we got to BC safely and just when we had packed the fuel and I had totally changed for a long ride back to the jeep, a car appeared in the distance.
It was ours! Noel had been able to stop another car and the driver could buy some fuel off them....

The car still had to go back to pick up the others but had no more problems. Meanwhile also the car from Zhangmu with Nate, James and Volodia had returned safely so at the end of the day the team was back together at BC Everest, 5200m..

Dr Julian from Jamie McGuiness' team came by with Dr Raul from the Indian airforce. Now they had an opthalmoscope and could confirm the previous diagnosis made by Andrey.
We had long talks with Noel,who did not want to give up his dream and I spent quite some time with Noel and Lynne about the options and possible consequences, so when we finally went to our tents in the middle of the nights, none of us was  ready to sleep...

Sleepless night

Song of the day:
Cars - Drive
"Who's gonna drive you home, tonight?"