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Title: 19th May: NORTH COL!
Post by: Romke on May 19 2005, 15:08
Just read Lorenzo's blog, it's awesome:

"We're at a place where we're not suppose to be. Yesterday we were at the bottom of North Col as I was telling that we would have to wait a week or longer for the final summit push. Now here we are at North Col. Yesterday afternoon Harry and I decided to make use of the brief window that is expected.

So here we are sitting comfortably in our tent. We just had some beverages so we're feeling ok. The weather looks very good. We just had a weather report radioed in from Alex in BC. Tomorrow will be very good and the 21st will be ok'ish with a wind of just a bit over 10 m/s. Anything else isn't relevant really.

Tonight we will be using oxygen to catch some sleep. We will have to week up early to make it to 7700 where we will find additional oxygen.

There are two Slovenians, Marco and Victor ahead of us. They are in slightly better position timewise. As you know it's all about logistics, being at the right place at the right time with the right amount of gear and supplies. But hopefully the two day weather window will also be benevolent to us.

I'm going to make some tortellini now, looking forward to it ... not sure if Harry does. We're checking out our gear and hoping for two good days.

Thanks for listening and keep listening because it's getting exciting!"

It's really worth it to listen to his blog. He sounds out of breath, but also healthy and strong. You can feel his worries about the wind but also, especially in the way he encourages us to keep listening, how excited he is about being so close to summiting Mount Everest.

Here's the link (many thanks Chris for maintaining Lorenzo's site!)
Title: SMS from Harry
Post by: Romke on May 19 2005, 15:18
Also received an SMS from Harry:

"Completely lost my voice so you'll have to do it with an SMS and Lorenzo's message. We're now on North Col, totally wasted. Tomorrow we'll try to get to 7700 and then to 8300. After that the weather is unsure again ... cough"

Let's hope he'll be able to recover a bit the coming night. He'll have to be fysically fit to summit on the 21st, after that the wind probably won't allow a summiting.
Title: Re: 19th May: NORTH COL!
Post by: Maxim on May 19 2005, 18:00
Hey Harry!

Ik leef met je mee!  Heel veel succes! Dit keer gat het lukken!!!!! 8000m is beter dan op een IT kantoor.

keep up the good spirit,

Title: Re: 19th May: NORTH COL!
Post by: Mary Clare on May 20 2005, 00:57
Hello everyone, especially to Harry, Lorenzo, Marco and Victor

My first reaction when I got the news of this "final push" to the top with just a small window of good weather...:o   :eek)   :)   :D

I feel very excited for these (4) ambitious, adventurous and couragous men.  The absolute best of luck to you gentlemen.

May the Chomolungma Gods be with you!!!

Title: Re: 19th May: NORTH COL!
Post by: Nikky on May 20 2005, 01:54
 :)How exciting! So nearly there. We (Ruth, Nikky, & Green Pie Gang) all wish you the best of weathers, and hope that Lorenzo's and Harry's Guardian Angels are at one with the Gods of Chomolungma and to mis-quote (just a little) Oscar Wilde "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight".
Title: Re: 19th May: NORTH COL!
Post by: Mary Clare on May 20 2005, 06:24
I read Alex's web-site and he mentioned that Vladimir Lande and his personal high altitude porter are also making a summit attempt.  They are spending the night at the 7700 meter camp and then on to the 8300 camp tomorrow.  They, along with Marco and Victor are about a day ahead of Harry and Lorenzo.

I hope the good weather will extend to May 22nd, for Harry and Lorenzo to summit and get back down.

It is good to know that there are ample supplies & oxygen cylinders in both camps above the North Col.  Let's hope the (8) sherpas are able to get high enough to fix ropes in time.  It sounds like the sherpas are really doing a GREAT job.  Good news!!

As always...all the best to the team and the sherpas.