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Title: Xuelian Feng Expedition September 2005
Post by: wolfheart on Jun 3 2005, 16:37
With a couple of others I am going on an expedition to Xuelian Feng from 3 to 30 september. Xuelian (snow lotus peak) is situated in the Chinese part of the Central Tien Shan, roughly 60 kilometer Northeast of Peak Pobeda. It is 6627 meter high and given its remote location and thus long walk in, high costs of going there, as far as the knowledge goes only one expedition ever, Japanese in 1990 did go there and climbed the main peak.
Climbing on the main peak is complex and of great technical difficulty, needing 5 camps, so our 27 days will not allow for such. Anyway I had figured out that one of the other 6 (all unclimbed) 6000ers is more interesting to do.
The thing is planned as a lightweight trip and given the fact that I use my local contacts for permits, permission to travel to this officially closed for foreigners border area, it is also quite a low budget one.
If anybody is interested in joining us, don't hesitate to drop me a line at jowolfheart@yahoo.com ! I'll subsequently will sent you more info, with photographs, by mail. Given the long walk in through pristine terrain and the good possibilities for 1 and more day trekkings, it is also interesting for hiking mountaineers.