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 on: Yesterday at 20:35 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The first batch of climbers are on their way heading for Mount Everest. Over 500 foreign climbers are expected to climb the Nepal side of the mountain.

Climbers on their way to Mount Everest

 on: Mar 24 2017, 22:22 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Professional mountaineer and photographer, Alun Richardson celebrates his 60th birthday with a commission of a lifetime - the official expedition photographer for the 2017 Gurkha Everest Expedition.

British Photographer to Climb with Gurkhas

 on: Mar 21 2017, 21:41 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Some climbers on Mount Everest this season will be strapped with a GPS device to locate them in case they are in trouble and to prevent false claims of reaching the summit.

Everest Climbers to have GPS Device

 on: Mar 16 2017, 01:25 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
In 2015 a team of Gurkhas survived a 7.8 magnitude earthquake while climbing on Mount Everest. This year, 2017, they are back again to finish what they had started.

Gurkhas to Return to Everest

 on: Mar 12 2017, 01:44 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards are returning to Mount Everest this year hoping to reach the summit without 02 while documenting their journey on Snapchat.

Climbing Everest with Snapchat

 on: Mar 11 2017, 00:58 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Read an exclusive interview by Sandra Noel, the daughter of Captain John Noel from the 1920's British Mount Everest expeditions.

Sandra Noel Interview

 on: Mar 9 2017, 02:07 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
This isn’t a goodbye, it's a “see you later”.  Alex Txikon has ended his climb, although he feels very strong physically and psychologically, the forecast of the next few days is terrifying.

Winter Mount Everest Climb Over

 on: Mar 7 2017, 01:48 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Alex Txikon had the surprise of his life today when Reinhold Messner paid him a visit at Mount Everest Base Camp to support his winter climb without bottled oxygen.

Messner Visits Txikon at Everest BC

 on: Mar 6 2017, 01:41 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
If Mollie Hughes attempt is successful she will become the youngest Briton, the youngest European woman and the first English woman to scale the peak from both the north and south sides.

Mollie Hughes Aiming For Everest Record

 on: Mar 5 2017, 00:16 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Mount Everest Base Camp received more than 113,000 tourists last year, with a year-on-year increase of 91 per cent, the local tourist administration said on Saturday.

113,000 Tourists Visit Everest Base Camp

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