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 on: Jan 29 2018, 00:20 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
British Mount Everest summiteer Allan Meek has very kindly taken the time to do an interview for our site.

Allan Meek Interview

 on: Jan 27 2018, 00:23 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Elizabeth Hawley, chronicler of Himalayan expeditions, died of pneumonia early Friday morning, according to the officials in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. She was 95.

Elizabeth Hawley has Passed Away

 on: Jan 23 2018, 00:30 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Two women have planned to scale the world's highest mountain Mount Everest with the objective of making the misconception regarding the birthplace of Gautam Budhha clear.

2 Women to climb Everest, to say 'Buddha was born in Nepal'

 on: Jan 20 2018, 00:47 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Tributes have been paid to Ian Toothill from Sheffield UK who last year became the first person with cancer to reach the summit of Mount Everest who passed away today age 48.

The first person with cancer to climb Mount Everest has died

 on: Jan 15 2018, 00:41 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Hari Budha Magar, a former British Gurkha soldier who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, will not be attempting to climb Mount Everest this year, according to the expedition organiser.

Double Amputee Gurkha Soldier Postpones Everest Climb

 on: Jan 14 2018, 01:47 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Guest writer Sophie Elise has written an article with some effective tips to help you become fit and prepared to climb the worlds highest mountain, Mount Everest successfully. 

10 Tips to Get Fit to Climb Everest

 on: Jan 11 2018, 21:44 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Today, the 11th January 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the death of the great mountaineer and explorer Edmund Hillary.

10th Anniversary of Edmund Hillary’s Death

 on: Jan 10 2018, 01:30 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The idea hinges on turning human feces on Everest into biogas, a fuel produced when organic material decomposes without oxygen. Byproducts of the process include methane, which could be used for cooking, and an effluent that works well as a fertilizer.

Possible Solution for Human Waste on Everest

 on: Jan 7 2018, 00:48 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
I have now added information regarding the British Mount Everest Expeditions from 2017.

The details include all members names, if summit was reached or not, route climbed and more.

2017 Everest Expedition Details

 on: Jan 5 2018, 01:11 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
A former Gurkha Hari Budha Magar, who lost both of his legs in an IED blast in Afghanistan said he is going to fight the decision to ban double-amputees from climbing Mount Everest.

Double Amputee to Fight Everest Ban

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