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 on: Sep 8 2017, 23:27 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Tenzing Montes and Hillary Montes are names given to the towering water-ice mountain ranges on Pluto in honor of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary.

Tenzing Montes and Hillary Montes

 on: Sep 6 2017, 23:31 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
For more than 30 years Oscar Cadiach risked life and limb to conquer some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain, driven by a desire to join the ranks of mountain climbing’s elite, is now set to retire.

Climber to Retire

 on: Sep 3 2017, 19:49 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
A faded canvas duffel bag dating to 1946, when a 27-year-old Hillary was busy knocking off some of New Zealand's most challenging peaks, will go under the hammer at Bonhams auction house later this month.

Ed Hillary’s Climbing Bag up for Auction

 on: Sep 1 2017, 23:21 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
I have added a new poll question for the month of September.

Do you think the Nepal earthquake in 2015 has changed the height of Mount Everest?

Please take your vote at Mount Everest The British Story

 on: Aug 31 2017, 20:18 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Trekkers and mountaineers in the Everest region will be able to call a doctor directly through Hello Doctor, an online emergency medical service slated to be unveiled next month by Everest Link, a wireless internet service provider in high altitude regions.

Hello Doctor service to be launched in Everest region

 on: Aug 30 2017, 00:33 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The British Mount Everest Expeditions 1970's and 1980's page has been updated with more information.

British Mount Everest Expeditions

 on: Aug 26 2017, 22:56 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Mollie Hughes, a mountaineer based in Edinburgh who became the youngest woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both the north and south sides, has broken her fundraising target for Cancer Research UK.

Everest Climber Smashes Fundraising Target

 on: Aug 25 2017, 00:27 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
There are thousands of mountaineering books available to buy and read but for the collector there are some that you must have in your collection. My friend has some for sale.

Mountain Books For Sale

 on: Aug 22 2017, 23:26 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
More than 600 people climb Mount Everest every year, and not one of them could do it without an army of Sherpas, porters, and others guiding them every step of the way.

The Overlooked Heroes of Everest

 on: Aug 21 2017, 00:17 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
In 1951, British explorer Eric Shipton was looking for an alternative route up Mt. Everest. He found and photographed an unusual footprint in the snow.  A mystery that cast a spell over the world.

Eric Shipton and the Yeti

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