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 on: Jul 13 2018, 21:39 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
TV Documentary shown soon after Chris Bonington reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1985, after years of leading expeditions to some of the world's largest and most dangerous mountains.

Chris Bonington: The Everest Years

 on: Jul 11 2018, 13:59 
Started by Mountain John - Last post by m.c. reinhardt
Thanks Harry and MC for the comments!

MC, maybe you can join the team in 09

All the best, Mountain John Christiana

Still want to climb Denali.

All I said was I still want to climb Denali... Seems you've got a lot of conspiracy theories. As you know, absolute proof is needed for a summit to count in the 'record books'; thought you wanted to go back. I don't believe your summit shot would hold water (though it does hold a lot of snow ;) ) especially after you, yourself, so adamantly questioned your Denali summit. I've never told you I questioned it.

 on: Jul 9 2018, 23:42 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
British climber Adrian Ballinger tested out the ‘Bivouac 9000’ watch while heading for the summits of Cho Oyu and Mount Everest earlier this year.

Adrian Ballinger’s summit Bivouac 9000 watch

 on: Jul 8 2018, 00:18 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
British TV presenter Ben Fogle has shared his experience about climbing Mount Everest through an interview with Sport360.

Ben Fogle Mount Everest Interview by Sport360

 on: Jul 4 2018, 23:37 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
I have updated the Facts page with some interesting facts from the Mount Everest 2018 climbing season.

Mount Everest Facts

 on: Jul 2 2018, 00:21 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Which climber do you think possibly saw the body of Andrew Irvine on Everest?

Please take your vote at Mount Everest The British Story thank you.

Results from last months poll

Do you think a failure in the oxygen system stopped Mallory & Irvine reaching the summit?

Yes 29%
No 54%
Not Sure 17%

 on: Jun 30 2018, 21:28 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The final climb to the summit of Mount Everest was recorded by climber Elia Saikaly on the 25th May 2018. Experience what climbers endure on their final push to the top of the world.

Mount Everest - The Summit Climb

 on: Jun 28 2018, 20:43 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Tourists hiking in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains are being pressured into costly helicopter evacuations at the first sight of any problems.

Unnecessary Helicopter Rescues in the Everest Region

 on: Jun 26 2018, 20:24 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Victoria Pendleton is suffering from depression as a result of the oxygen deprivation she experience during her Mount Everest climb.

Everest has left me fighting depression

 on: Jun 26 2018, 20:23 
Started by Cy Kaicener - Last post by Jedi
Stephen Venable's book 'Everest Kangshung Face' is a great read!

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