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 on: Apr 9 2017, 22:00 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
For around £3,000 to £4,000 per person you go to Everest Base Camp by helicopter then retreat to a lower altitude for a champagne breakfast.

Breakfast Near Mount Everest Trip

 on: Apr 6 2017, 15:22 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The Chinese government has denied Tyler Armstrong, 13, a permit to climb Mount Everest, meaning he can't be the youngest person to summit the world's tallest mountain.

13 year old Denied Everest Permit

 on: Apr 4 2017, 21:02 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The British Mount Everest dispatches have now started!

Please note that I only do dispatches for the British climbers/teams.

British Mount Everest Dispatches

 on: Apr 2 2017, 23:21 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
As the world mountaineers head to the Mt Everest region for acclimatisation, the icefall doctors have opened a climbing route from the Base Camp to Camp I by placing ropes and ladders on the treacherous section of the Khumbu icefall.

Icefall Doctors Open Everest Route

 on: Apr 1 2017, 19:28 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
I have added a new poll question for the month of April.

Which way did Mallory and Irvine climb the First Step?

Please take your vote at Mount Everest The British Story

Results from last months question

In 1933 Andrew Irvines ice axe was found at 8,460m on Mount Everest. Why do you think it was there?

It marks the scene of a fall 52%
It was put down during a rest and forgotten 24%
It was accidentally dropped 24%

 on: Mar 31 2017, 23:26 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
This film tells the true story of a teen from a Telangana village who became the youngest girl to ever scale Everest and it does so without veering into either melodrama or cynicism.

‘Poorna’ Film Review

 on: Mar 29 2017, 19:19 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Mountaineering expedition organisers say they are sending huge trash bags with climbers on Mount Everest during the Spring season to collect trash that then can be lifted by helicopters back to the base camp.

Huge Trash Bags for Mount Everest

 on: Mar 27 2017, 20:35 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
The first batch of climbers are on their way heading for Mount Everest. Over 500 foreign climbers are expected to climb the Nepal side of the mountain.

Climbers on their way to Mount Everest

 on: Mar 24 2017, 22:22 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Professional mountaineer and photographer, Alun Richardson celebrates his 60th birthday with a commission of a lifetime - the official expedition photographer for the 2017 Gurkha Everest Expedition.

British Photographer to Climb with Gurkhas

 on: Mar 21 2017, 21:41 
Started by Jedi - Last post by Jedi
Some climbers on Mount Everest this season will be strapped with a GPS device to locate them in case they are in trouble and to prevent false claims of reaching the summit.

Everest Climbers to have GPS Device

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