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Author Topic: western mountaineering or feather friends sleeping bags  (Read 10495 times)


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Hi All

I like to hear members comments on western mountaineering and feathered friends sleeping bags in the expedition range. I am a big lad (112 kg (big bones) and 6'3 in my language 193 cms) and have to order this bag online from Sydney.  Going to use it for Muztagata, Aconcagua and then further 7500+ mountains.

Any tips from you guns who have been to cold places and have experienced what is required in terms of minus degrees ratings also.

I was previously going to upgrade to Valandre but have feedback from American Alpine Insitute that the shocking blues claimed rating of -25 doesnt stack up on Denalia and they rated it -5. In addition they found the bags fall apart.



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Re: western mountaineering or feather friends sleeping bags
« Reply #1 on: Aug 18 2005, 13:12 »

Hi Roger,

I can't comment on those brands as I never used them. I know that FF is popular and expensive, but apparently very high quality.

I have only used the The North Face Solar Flare sleeping bag, rated -20F/-29C. Used it on Denali (early may), Everest, Aconcagua etc. Not boiling hot from the moment you get in, but warm enough.

A good combination of matresses usually helps more, I always use a combi full length Z-rest and 3/4 thin thermarest. I then put my goretex pants or jacket underneeth my legs/feet for extra layer. At really cold places I carry a thin or thicker down jacket, which at night I put on top of my bag, which stays surpisingly put during the night.

And maybe most importantly, try to be warm the moment you go in. A sleeping bag is passive (it holds your heat), not active (it does not generate heat). So if you make some movements, run on teh spot do some squats etc if possible for only a smell time and then quickly get into your bag, you will stay warm. If you cool off in a mess tent first and then go in cold, you will need a much longer time to get warm again.

Hope this helps,
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Re: western mountaineering or feather friends sleeping bags
« Reply #2 on: Sep 25 2005, 02:10 »

I have a Western Mountaineering Bristlecone - I wanted the semi rectangular so that I could move around a bit and more confortyable when warm.  Alkso I sleep on my back with hands at side.  It was toasty at -20C but I sleep warm anyhow.  Stunning quality.  Feathered Friends are more customiseable - you can mix and match on order but eitherr would be good.  The other is Ph Designs UK based  (Phd) as good quality but you can build up the spec online.  You need a really good ThermaRest or similiar since a lot of heat is lost downwards. 
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