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Article in Dutch Panorama Magazine this week about Harry on Everest

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For all you readers living in the Netherlands, in this week's Panorama magazine is a 5 page article about my summit on Everest and the dramatic events surrounding it. It is in Dutch so some of you might want to buy it for the pictures only

(click for an enlargement).

I wrote the story, though the titles on top of the article and on the cover of the magazine were added afterwards, they are not my style... 

The story is a shortened version of my diaries as they have appeared on this forum, if you have read the magazine and want the full story, please read all these posts.
The magazine is in the stores until the 31st, so get it while you can and let me know what you thought of it here. You can see a picture (small as well as enlarged) of the cover of the magazine and my unedited 1 minute summit movie on their website.

Harry  8)

Hehehe, nooit gedacht dat ik nog eens een Panorama zou kopen!

Well, if you have not bought it yet, you missed it as the new edition is in the shops from tomorrow.
For those still interested, here is the full article, catch!

m.c. reinhardt:

It looks like a great article!  Even though I don't read Dutch...I loved the pics.  Well done.  So what's next?  Maybe National Geographic?  The sky is the limit!

Continued success in all your endeavors.


Hallo Harry,

loved to read the article and watch the great pictures. A question: what camera did you use ? No problems with batteries/cold temperatures ?



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