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Author Topic: Lions, and tigers and BEARS...oh my!!!  (Read 9037 times)


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Lions, and tigers and BEARS...oh my!!!
« on: Jan 23 2005, 12:27 »

BEARS....they freak me out!!!  And I have never seen one in real life!!

As much as I love hiking, I always get really nervous just before heading into the trails because I am really scared about encountering a bear. Just thinking about it now...bbrrrr!! chills. I play scenarios in my mind of what I would do, run , hide, climb a tree, play dead....bring a really big sharp knife just in case.

Here is a little story:

I went hiking with a friend in the Adirondacks and planned to climb Mount Colden. My friend had never done any hiking before, so I tried giving all the best advice that I could, including what I thought we should do if we saw a bear, even if I really didnt know. Anyways...at the Loj there is a log book where people write bears sightings. Coincidently, the last 20 sightings were all around Mount Colden...not a great start. So we asked a 'ranger' for some advice and honestly I didn't feel much better, but encouraged my buddy so he wouldnt back out on me.
The hike went pretty well, besides those images popping in my head every once and a while, until we got to our camp site which happened to be next to a lake. The sun was coming down and we were getting quite hungry. We decided to eat by the lake. My friend pulls out two salmon steaks, that he insisted we bring to the trip, and we start cooking them by the water.
My mind was about to blow!!!!
It was windy, we were next to a lake, there were millions of bear sightings in the area, we were alone, the sun was going down and we are cooking salmon steaks!!!!! What better conditions can you have to attract bears?? My heart was beating like crazy...I could just imagine bears smelling the salmon a mile away and charging. I kept on looking across the lake to see if there were any 'gatherings'. There was just a small path that brought us to the water, so we had no way out besides jumping in the water....can bears swim anyways??? We were doomed!!  I was starting to freak out,  I kept on telling him: I dont think it was a good idea to bring salmon...isnt that a bears favorite food? I could see the trees swaying with the wind and the sun was disappearing...I was starting to see shapes in the trees. All of a sudden I saw something, it looked like, not a bear but a wolf, and everbody knows that if there is one wolf the pack is not very far behind...so I told my friend. I couldnt see straight anymore, was I imagining things or was there really something. The trees were in the way. It looked like the wolf had his nose in the air sniffing and contemplating. And I was just waiting for those bears to show up any second. My friend was asking me: Are you sure, are you sure? I don't know I dont know, I replied. So he starts stuffing the salmon down my throat and tells me hurry eat eat!! I think it took us 30 seconds. Then it looked like the wolf had left, but I couldnt really see anything anymore, it was getting dark. So we built up our courage to make it back to the tent. I realized what I saw was just a grey and old tree stump, that looked like a wolf with the littler trees swaying around it giving it movement. I think my friend was getting really annoyed with my freaking out. I felt a little ridiculous too...I tried to bring down the tension by saying I was seeing forest mirages.

Sometimes I am so freaked out that it kinda ruins part of the hiking trips. Can anyone please tell me something that will ease my mind??? Has anyone encountered a bear, what do you do???



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Re: Lions, and tigers and BEARS...oh my!!!
« Reply #1 on: Jan 24 2005, 02:59 »

A canadian guy once told me how to tell the difference between a black bear and a Grizzly as you are supposed to handle them differently:

"Go climb the nearest tree. If it's a black bear, he will climb up after you, if it's a grizzly, he will push the tree down"

I live in Amsterdam, far away from bear country... Gues we have to consult fellow poster MikeW when he gets back from Aconcagua.
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Re: Lions, and tigers and BEARS...oh my!!!
« Reply #2 on: Sep 13 2005, 07:57 »

If you see a bear you just have to be able to run faster than the slowest person in your group. Joking aside - Stand your ground and make as much noise as possible. If you run, he will think you are Prey. :o
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